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How to Inspire Meeting Participants into Energetic Engagement

Are you tired of struggling to engage meeting participants? No one talks. Participants (using that term loosely, because of course there isn’t any participation!) look around whenever you ask for input. You are frustrated and tired of being the only one with ideas or even talking.

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What’s Wrong with Him?

Maybe you are fed up with your colleague—he’s so rude! Or maybe you’re tired of dealing with Mr. or Ms. Sensitive. Either way, my bet is that you’re frustrated and wondering not just what’s wrong with your colleague, but what to do about it.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks While Making Friends

You know what you need to do, but your boss or someone else up the chain of command won’t make a decision. Either he or she doesn’t have time, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care. Whatever the reason is, this person is frustrating you and makes you think it’s time to polish your resume.

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The Secret to Being a Rock-Star Leader

Have you noticed how some leaders have an amazing rapport with and inspire loyalty from team members? Actually, it’s more than that: team members happily to go the extra mile all the time! And all you can think is, “how do I do that?”

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Are Your People on the Same Team? Think Again.

Do you want to increase the collaboration on your team? You’ve got great people, you’ve invested in them, and yet their performance, both individually and as a team, could be a lot better. Instead of seeking out each other as a support, they keep information and ideas to themselves. They don’t help each other. Meetings are boring and fail to produce results. Keep reading because there is hope!

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Six Keys to Improving Your Organization’s Culture

improving culture in the workplace

You want a better culture, but how do you make it happen? You tried a culture-change initiative and it didn’t work. Or, you’ve heard others who have and complained about the results, or lack thereof. Either way, you’re struggling with what to do next, because what you’re doing now isn’t working. The culture isn’t changing and you’re tired of losing your best people.

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5 Tips on Hiring the Right Person

There’s a lot of pressure in hiring the right person for your team. Deciding on a new employee based on a short interview and a few pieces of paper doesn’t always cut it. You need to know what to look out for. Seasoned HR professionals have done this countless of times, and we’ll be sharing some of their insights below. This article will provide five tips for leaders and managers going through the process of hiring the right person for their team.

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5 Simple Steps to Get More Clients! (or Mastering the (Not So) Long Woo?)

turning prospects into clients

Do you need to sell your services but feel a little smarmy even thinking about it? Do you struggle with what to say to prospective clients who you meet for the first time? I promise, it’s not that hard! Even the shyest of people can learn how to engage prospective clients and employers through conversation. Read on to learn five simple steps to not only becoming a sought-after, trusted advisor, but to actually securing new and exciting opportunities.

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