Medical residents face a number of challenges when they start their residency. It is not always easy transitioning to the work environment – and that’s why the CEO of a medical organization wanted to support her residents in this early stage of their career journey. Anne Collier of Arudia was brought in by the CEO to run an Arudia workshop with the residents, so they could learn about Adaption-Innovation theory and discover how many of their challenges related to structure.

Many students were struggling to adapt to the demands of their job and acclimatize to the workplace environment. They were constantly rotating between different departments, and were experiencing different challenges in each one.

Anne explained the impact structure can have on our lives, and explored why it is not only important to be aware of one’s own preference for structure, but also the structure of the environment that one is operating in.

The workshop made use of the Kirton’s Adaption Innovation Inventory (the KAI). Read the full article on the KAI Foundation website here.

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Anne E. Collier, MPP, JD, Professional Certified Coach, is the CEO of Arudia, a firm dedicated to improving leadership, culture, collaboration and communication. She is an expert leadership coach steadfast in her commitment to excellence and her clients’ goals. She coaches and delivers programming designed to support individuals, teams and organizations in amplifying their accomplishments. With confidence, intentionality and resilience, individuals and organizations alike manifest the extraordinary as they actualize greater financial stability and better outcomes.

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