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Step Into Your Power as a Leader

Invest in yourself to realize your potential. Arudia brings you an opportunity to unlock career growth that sets you up for professional success, personal growth, and to be a leader.

Who Is The Academy For?

  • First-time and early career managers
  • Professionals such as doctors and lawyers
  • Mid-level leaders and managers looking to make the leap to senior leadership
  • Senior leaders who want to be even better and more energized when dealing with today’s challenges
  • Organizations


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Why Sign Up?

Business is anything but usual. Ongoing professional learning is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Our certificate programs will arm you with the tools you need to be a leader today and to be successful in the face of the unknown future. Benefit yourself personally, your direct staff, and your employer.

A recent study showed that companies displayed the following results from leadership training:

  • Workplace Relationships Improved 77% 77%
  • Teamwork Improved 67% 67%
  • Increase in Employee Job Satisfaction 51% 51%
  • Overall Quality Improved 20% 20%

How You Will Learn

Core Training

Segment One

Lead, Manage, and Collaborate with Style

Have you ever wondered why a colleague, friend, family member seems to approach life so differently? Learn about different problem-solving styles and what these differences mean for leadership, management, and collaboration. You’ll take the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (the “KAI”), learn where you fall on the Adaption-Innovation Continuum and what that means for meetings, solving problems, and leading and managing 360 degrees.

Segment Two

Coach Like A CEO

Amp up your capacity to lead, manage, and collaborate by utilizing the five-step Arudia Coaching Model. Coaching is a process that harnesses the power of thought-provoking questions to support colleagues in amplifying their creativity as they generate solutions. People who use coaching skills get better results because they better engage with each other, nurturing a collaborative, trusting environment.

Segment Three

Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Today’s challenges require you to be a better, more adaptive, and more resilient leader, manager, and team member. Upgrade your personal operating system not by working harder, but by transforming the way you think. Harness the kind of objectivity that makes you an island of calm in the tsunami of fear and doubt. Inspire loyalty and commitment. Learn your leadership style and what it means for operating under stress, and your impact on team and organizational culture. Check out the free assessment for a preview of your leadership style.

Segment Four

C-Suite Communication Skills for Everyone

Uplevel your capacity to solve problems collaboratively, creatively, and with greater engagement and buy-in using the Arudia Win-Win Conversation Model. Transform potentially difficult conversations into opportunities to solve problems, grow professionally, and reinforce trust. Win-Win skills include neutral language, resonant listening, reducing defensiveness, and techniques for encouraging clear, results-focused communication.
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Anne and Cynthia, your coaching templates and guidance to clients are exceptional. Your nuanced command of the Actualized Leader Style and Shadows, coupled with your expertise in executive coaching, is readily apparent. I am seriously impressed at how thoughtful and comprehensive (and tied to work behaviors) these guides are … very, very well done.” 
William L. Sparks, Ph.D., Creator of the Actualized Leader Framework and Profile

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Power Skills Webinars

To ensure the training sticks and to deepen and develop additional skills, we deliver 30-minute webinars live every month. Check out the recording on our custom portal. We address topics such as:

  • Leading Change
  • Improving Resilience
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Stressed Colleagues
  • Building Culture Where Kindness is the Norm
  • Meet the Expert Webinars

Our pool of experts will share their specialized knowledge with you each month. Topics include:

  • The Legal Implications of Managing a Hybrid Team
  • How Disability Law Applies to Your Workplace
  • The HR Discipline Process
  • Basic Finance for Managers
  • How to Run a Viable Program

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Deepen Leadership Skills with Online Courses

Our custom portal includes access to our proprietary Arudia Win-Win Conversation and the Arudia Coaching Skills courses. With videos, scenarios, and quizzes in every lesson, you can further deepen skills on your schedule. In each lesson, you apply the learning to your real-life challenges, preparing you to transform “difficult conversations” into opportunities to resolve issues in a positive, relationship- and results-enhancing approach.

Companion Webinars to Develop Your Team

In addition to access to recorded versions of our live Monthly Webinars, we provide a short, recorded Companion Webinar for you to develop your Team. Our Facilitation Guide and Team Member Guide make it easy for you to bring the training and development to the entire Team. By teaching, you deepen your expertise and gain support for a more collaborative, resilient, and effective culture.
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Three Months Of Unlimited Individual Coaching

With the Arudia Core Training as a powerful foundation, coaching will get you the immediate upgrades in confidence, performance, and wellbeing that you are looking for. Additional typical outcomes of coaching:

  • Be a true leader
  • Communicate more powerfully and effectively
  • Team members get results
  • Promotion and raise
  • New opportunities

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Leadership & Management Academy Packages

We invite non-profits to apply for reduced tuition. Contact us for details.