Anne Collier, MPP, JD, PCC

CEO of Arudia; Professional Certified Coach

Anne is driven to upgrading each client’s leadership, management, culture, collaboration, and communication. After an 11-year legal career, she has dedicated the last 20+ years to providing bespoke services tailored to clients’ individual, team and organizational needs. An expert leadership coach, she gives clients a competitive edge by helping them to use their strengths to their greatest advantage while developing robust, innovative, and practical strategies for successfully facing challenges.

Anne custom-designs client experiences – workshops, retreats, trainings – to target the unique and specific needs of every client. Clients benefit from proven assessment tools and learning to transform conflict into collaborative, innovative solutions with Arudia’s proprietary communication tools. Her clients further develop the acumen, skill, and curiosity necessary to achieve outstanding results. Anne is also known for coaching clients to build their business via strategy, tactical conversations, personal branding, and networking. Anne works with clients in a range of fields, including the legal profession, associations, behavioral health, healthcare, corporations, government, and non-profits.

As CEO of Arudia, Anne’s mission is to guide your personal and professional growth, so that you can embody great leadership. Our clients shift their thinking and learn the skills necessary to step into power.

We will help you to do the following:

  • Improve your confidence and resilience in the face of uncertainty
  • Understand how you can capitalize on your leadership style, achieving greater self-actualization
  • Transform difficult conversations into opportunities to creatively solve problems
  • Develop efficient systems to maximize performance
  • Address challenging and persistent personnel problems such as lack of accountability or “ownership”
  • Improve your financial stability
  • Reduce burnout and improve team wellbeing
  • Develop and align your executive boards and leadership teams
  • Reinforce your company culture to improve recruitment and retention
  • Leverage all the cognitive diversity and creativity on your team
  • Improve understanding and thus forgiveness for stress-induced snarkiness
  • Transform your team members’ differences into an appreciation for diversity of thinking
  • Sleep better at night

In support of this work, Anne is a published author and experienced keynote speaker. She is also certified in over a dozen proven assessment tools, which she deploys as a key part of our leadership coaching programs. These include:

Anne’s leadership experience includes being elected and appointed to numerous roles, including at the District of Columbia Bar (licensed), the Women’s Bar Association of DC, the American Bar Association, and Women in Government Relations. Anne is enthusiastic about everything she does, both inside and outside of work, including riding her horse, fly fishing, and hanging out with her husband and three cats.

Anne can help YOU to lead, manage, and collaborate with confidence. If you’d like to find out more, or if you’re ready to learn how, please get in touch at or (202) 449-9751.