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How to Supercharge Your Organization’s Performance

Many entrepreneurs and managers are frustrated because their staff members don’t get the job done with a high degree of excellence and attention to detail. And they worry that little things like typos and the big things like not getting back to clients quickly enough will cost them their reputation and clients or promotions. Does this sound familiar?
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The Ultimate Guide Maximizing Your Natural Strengths

Are you tired of work feeling like a four-letter word? Everybody says that you’ll enjoy your work and be more successful if you maximize your strengths, but how do you do that?  You have a job that offers no opportunity at best and feels dead end at worst.
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How to Transform Your Leadership Skills In 5 Minutes

You lead a team.  Or do you?  You have this unsettling feeling that you could be getting more out of your team, but struggle with how.  You tell them you want their input, but you lead staff meetings by doing most of the talking or the talking is merely reporting out, not solving problems.  That, and most of the good ideas are yours.
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How to Inspire Meeting Participants Into Energetic Engagement

Are you tired of struggling to engage meeting participants? No one talks. Participants (using that term loosely, because of course there isn’t any participation!) look around whenever you ask for input? You are frustrated and tired of being the only one with ideas or even talking.
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The Practical Guide For Getting Your Team To Better Relate

Individually, each of your team members is fantastic. They are smart, hardworking, and committed to excellence. But something isn’t right. And that something happens when they’re in a room together. They don’t seem to relate to each other and you’re not sure why. You just know that it’s affecting the team’s ability to deliver and that worries you.

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Think Your People Are on the Same Team? Think Again.

Do you want to increase the collaboration on your team? You’ve got great people, you’ve invested in them and yet their performance both individually and as a team could be a lot better. Instead of seeking support from one another, they keep information and ideas to themselves. They don’t help each other. Meetings are boring and fail to produce results. If this sounds like your workplace, keep reading because there is hope!

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Why Leveraging Your Colleagues’ Strengths Is Your New Secret Weapon

individual strengths

Are you tired of going it alone at work? You love most of your job, but there are certain tasks that you’d rather avoid. Add the fact that you’ve noticed that several colleagues seem very, very different than you? What are the implications for you and your quality of work like? Let’s take a closer look at what you want and how you can get there.

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6 Keys to Improving Culture In the Workplace

improving culture in the workplace

You want to improve the culture in your workplace, but how do you make it happen? You’ve tried a culture-change initiative and it didn’t work. Or maybe you’ve heard from others who have. They complained about the results or lack thereof. Either way, you’re struggling with what to do next, because what you’re doing now just isn’t working. The culture isn’t changing and you’re tired of losing your best people.

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