Leadership Problem Solving Style

Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI)

Your preferred style of doing, thinking and problem solving

Everyone has a preferred way of going about doing things – from how we like to organise our space, through to how we solve complex problems. Some people like rules and routines to follow, others like to be more free-spirited, vary routines and don’t like too many constraints.

However, the majority of us like being in a balance somewhere between “highly organised & structured” and “being totally fluid and boundary-free” – where that balance lies for you, is your natural innate inherent preference. This preference is measured by Kirton’s Adaption Innovation Inventory (the KAI).

What is problem-solving style (KAI)?

So, KAI measures this preference: how much you like structure in your life – whether at work, rest or play. Your KAI score affects everything you do, from how you cook a meal to how you deal with other people in your life.

It is on a scale from ‘most Adaptive’ (wanting lots of structure, rules and detail) through to ‘most Innovative’ (wanting little structure, few constraints and prefer to take a big-picture view). The majority of us like a moderate amount of structure and information – how much defines your individual, personal style of thinking. KAI measures your thinking (or problem-solving) style.

Read our KAI case studies in full on the KAI Foundation website:

Coaching Team of Anne Collier & Cynthia Shaffer

From Nicola Kirton, KAI Foundation

“The coaching team at Arudia are outstanding, insightful and supportive. Their use of Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation to help facilitate productive collaboration, effective leadership and optimum outcomes is exemplary. Their work encourages leaders to ensure inclusion, wellbeing and positive cooperation within their teams, using tried and tested techniques, skills and active listening. Anne and Cynthia are a dynamic executive coaching double-act – I highly recommend them and their leadership courses”

The KAI can provide a basis for a board, leadership or staff retreat or workshop!