Be An Actualized Leader

Supercharge Your Leadership: Upgrade Your Operating System

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The pandemic and all of its attendant challenges require you to be a better, more adaptive, and more resilient leader.  It’s what the times call for. You need to upgrade your personal operating system not by working harder, but by transforming the way you think.

You need to harness the kind of objectivity that makes you an island of calm in the tsunami of fear and doubt.  You need to be strategic, present, and fearless in speaking the truth. And you can do it! Intrigued?  

Anne CollierWork with Anne individually or with your team. Learn your unique blend of motive drivers that make up your leadership style. Learn concrete strategies for actualizing your full potential, becoming the leader you aspire to be.

Galvanize Your Team Around Purpose and Results

Transform your culture by purposely instilling the kind of culture that produces team members who:

  • Are optimistic, resilient, and energized by the challenges they face; 
  • Are authentic, passionate, and value each other, leveraging cognitive diversity; 
  • Meet crisis at the door, digging in rather than shying away; 
  • Step up and catalyze each other’s success; and
  • Opportunistically learn from mistakes so that innovation ensues.

Harness and Amplify Your Most Powerful Leadership Attributes

These Nine Attributes are how you:

  • Self-Actualize
  • Build Resilience
  • Choose Proaction instead of Reaction

The Nine Attributes of Actualized Leaders is how the best leaders and most resilient people think, feel, and behave. Knowing your score on the Nine Attributes means you know what you can easily leverage, and where the opportunities for improvement are.

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“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

— John Maxwell

Superpower Confidence Can Be Yours!  

Confidence is knowing that you are resilient, that you have the ability to overcome difficulties, to push back when pushed, to intentionally adapt when necessary. It’s “anti-fragility.” It’s growing a callous instead of bleeding in the face of adversity.

Have you ever wondered how “they” do it? They self-actualize, living to their full potential by being present and thinking objectively and strategically.

Actualized Leader Profile

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