The Learning Collaborative Management Academy

High-End Leadership and Management Training for a Fractional Cost

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November 16 – 18, 2020
February 1 – 3, 2021
May 3 – 5, 2021

Regular Price $575/person
Attend 3 Half-Day Sessions, 3.5 Hours/Day for 10.5 Hours of Training
1:30 – 5:00 pm ET

Call (202) 449-9751 or write to schedule either session or for a custom date, or to ask about group pricing.

In these challenging circumstances, your staff is spread thin.  Your communities need you more than ever.

Enter Arudia. 

Now is the time to support your staff so they are resilient and ready to support your communities. Give your staff the boost they need with training designed to:

  • Reenergize your workforce 
  • Impart c-suite managerial skills 
  • Provide training that sticks 
  • Cascade training to staff 
  • Shore up financial security 

During these times of scarcity and stress, it’s important to recognize that training managers serves to shore up your financial security and stability by creating a more able and resilient workforce, solving problems more readily.

For Individuals Looking to Cost-Effectively Invest in Themselves
Consider participating in our Learning Collaborative Management Academy for a cost-effective means of obtaining high-end group coaching and training.The LCMA is ideal as a stand-alone or leg-up on individual coaching.
Upgrade Your LCMA Experience
Any time you need additional support, Arudia is here for you. We offer:

  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Group Culture Work 
  • Customized Follow-On Workshops and Training

Comprehensive Programming, Lasting Value

   Managerial Excellence Core Training

We kick off this exciting developmental journey with three half-day modules designed to amplify self-awareness, communication, and leadership effectiveness.

Program modules:

  • Style Matters: How to Manage and Make the Most of Different Problem-Solving Styles (includes Coaching Skills)
  • Becoming a More Resilient Leader
  • Communicating with Aplomb

   Monthly Webinars

To ensure the training sticks and to deepen and develop additional skills, we deliver 30-minute webinars live every month at multiple times to fit your managers’ busy schedules.

Miss one? Check out the recording on our custom portal. We address topics such as:

  • Improving Resilience
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Stressed Colleagues
  • Building Culture Where Kindness is the Norm

   Companion Videos for Managers to Train Staff

In addition to access to recorded versions of our monthly live manager webinars, we provide a short, recorded webinar for managers to train their staff. Our Facilitation Guide and Team Member Guide make it easy for the manager to bring the training and development to the entire team. By teaching, managers deepen their expertise, and gain support for a more collaborative, resilient, and effective culture.

   Deepen Communication Skills with Online Courses

Our custom portal includes access to our proprietary Arudia Win-Win Conversation and Arudia Coaching Skills courses. Replete with videos, scenarios, and quizzes in every lesson, managers can further deepen communication skills on their own schedule. In each lesson, managers apply the learning to their real-life challenges, preparing them to transform “difficult conversations” into opportunities to resolve issues in a positive, relationship and results enhancing approach.

Who will benefit?

Behavioral Health Organizations
Healthcare Organizations
Government Agencies
Any organization needing management training

If my organization isn’t participating, can just I join? Yes.  It’ll only cost $575!

Is it a good fit for us?

Your organization isn’t too large or small.
We are committed to helping community-services organizations succeed. No organization is too big or too small.

Are resources tight?
Let us work out a plan for you.  We offer sliding-scale pricing for certain organizations, payment plans, and pay-up-front discounts.

Our dates don’t work, but you want to get started soon?
Inquire about an alternative date for your core training.

What People are Saying

“Our leadership team loved participating in Arudia’s Learning Collaborative Management Academy core programming and are eager to continue with the additional monthly webinars. I personally know from working with Arudia for the last few years that our leaders will learn more than just tactical skills; they will also gain personal professional growth.  I am excited in how Arudia’s supportive coaching will support them in learning how to face our field’s on-going challenges with resilience,  creativity and innovation.”

Sydney Blair
CEO of the Center of Mental Health 

“NJAMHAA wholeheartedly endorses Arudia’s Learning Collaborative Management Academy for any organization committed to not just training, but transforming their managers’ skill and culture.  I’ve worked with Arudia for years, and value Anne’s expertise, insight, and ability to support managers in dealing with stress and staff more effectively.”

“The Management Academy is a great opportunity to move your organization forward to a successful future!”

Debra L. Wentz, PhD
President and CEO, New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

“Arudia hit it out of the park with the bases loaded. A grand slam home run, Arudia transformed how our managers and supervisors are functioning – with lasting results. For me as a CEO one beautiful result has been to see the interactions fostered by the “trainees” as they have taken the investment we made in them and applied those new skills both on the job and off the job as well.”

“New managers and thirty-year veterans have all experienced new understanding and job skills that bring new life and energy to their work.”

Mark Cundiff Johnson, MD
CEO, Gateway Community Service Board

More from Gateway

Working with Arudia is a pleasure. They are highly responsive, flexible and collaborative – tailoring the consultation to meet Gateway’s needs. Arudia proactively explored those throughout the year as the needs changed within our leadership team. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the skills that Arudia develops in staff: Coaching, Win/Win Conversations, KAI Decision Making Analysis, “Type”, and non-pejorative language. And, I recommend Arudia to teach those skills. Their interactive, safe learning environment approach is not “didactic” but skills building. The planned and thoughtful follow up calls and teleconferences ensured staff actually followed through on putting into action what they’d practiced – and then shared the results with each other.Some of the highlights that were particularly exciting to see:

  • Managers and supervisors coaching each other, reaching across program boundaries to support each other, actively using their knowledge of KAI, Coaching, and Win/Win to improve their focus, communication and success on the job.
  • One of the greatest benefits was “the freedom to not be perfect” – but to reach out and obtain help from one another, “understanding our different strengths and barriers”.
  • The transparency of 50-60 managers sharing together what they’d learned, practiced and discovered was clear evidence of the progress being made to build a results oriented team.
  • “We process things differently”; “I’m not a stick in the mud – I just need more information before I start moving, and then I move right past other people”.
  • Creative solutions that have emerged as team members reach out to each other to seek complementary strengths in imagining, planning and implementing in programs and cost centers.
Participating Gateway managers said: 

  • “Wow, this is not just another training.  I’m really able to make use of these skills.”
  • “There’s a way to get ‘both in the box creativity and out of the box creativity’, it’s the people I ask for help, and I need both to get the best results.”
  • “It takes time to learn these things, you have to stop and practice them, but it saves so much more time when you have conversations with employees that are direct and meaningful; when you use [the Arudia tools] you get all that time back.”

History of Arudia’s Learning Collaborative

Arudia has been honored to provide managerial training to safety-net providers nationally since 2009. In Georgia we’ve been providing training to Gateway Community Service Board since 2016. As a result of the success in transforming Gateway’s culture and securing financial security, we are expanding access to our programming to all safety-net and similar organizations.

Upgraded and Virtual

COVID-19 has changed the way we are all providing service so for now we are not providing in-person programming. Notwithstanding these challenges, we are even more excited about our Learning Collaborative. This is because our forced use of technology will maximize the value of your investment — an investment to achieve your greater income and financial stability. Our proposed structure transforms a fixed resource (your dollars and our time) into a somewhat inexhaustible resource, making it more affordable. The program is even more interactive, making it more empowering and inclusive.

We are excited!