Learning Collaborative Management Academy

A scaled way of getting high-end leadership and management training for a fraction of the cost. 

Opportunity. The opportunity is to share the costs of securing your financial well-being and stability, and improving culture by investing in your managers. 

Why? During these times of such scarcity, it’s important to recognize that the manager training serves to shore up your financial security and stability by creating a more able and resilient workforce, able to solve problems more readily. Further, nurturing a collegial and supportive culture thereby reduces:

  • Staff complaints about managers and each other; 
  • Manager and staff turnover; and 
  • Productivity loss and absences. 

All Inclusive and Flexible

Management Core Training

Our training and development programming commences with our three half-days of Management Core Training:

  • Style Matters: How to Manage and Make the Most of Different Problem-Solving Styles (including Coaching Skills)
  • Becoming a More Resilient Leader
  • Communicating with Aplomb

Monthly Webinars

To ensure our training sticks, we deliver several 30-minute webinars every month. Our webinars address topics such as these:

  • Improving Resilience
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Stressed Colleagues
  • Building Culture Where Kindness is Norm

Recorded Training and Team Companion Videos

In addition to access to recorded versions of our monthly live manager webinars, we provide a short, recorded webinar for managers to train their staff. Our Facilitation Guide and Team Member Guide make it easy for the manager to bring the training and development to the entire team.

History of Arudia’s Learning Collaborative

Arudia has been honored to provide management skill training to safety net providers nationally since 2009. In Georgia we’ve been providing middle management skills training to Gateway CSB (“Community Service Board, known in other jurisdictions as Community Behavioral Health Centers (“CBHC”)) since 2016. As part of the program we provide on-site training and also support to Gateway’s managers and supervisors with training via monthly webinars and periodic in-person trainings. As a result of the success of this approach we are proposing to expand access to our programming to all interested Georgia CSBs and CBHC outside of Georgia with this shared-cost proposal.

Upgraded and Virtual

COVID-19 has changed the way we are all providing service so for now we are not providing in-person programming. Notwithstanding these challenges, we are even more excited about our Learning Collaborative. This is because our forced use of technology will maximize the value of your investment — an investment to achieve your greater income and financial stability. Our proposed structure transforms a fixed resource (your dollars and our time) into a somewhat inexhaustible resource, making it more affordable. The program is even more interactive, making it more empowering and inclusive.

We are excited!