For the Leader in You

You Too Can Be Ready for Your Next BIG Opportunity!

Twenty twenty is going to be a big year. At least, you hope so. Whether it’s a promotion, new job, or other exciting opportunity, you want to be ready to successfully grab that brass ring — your brass ring — so that 2020 is, in fact, a great year for you. You don’t want to blow it, but are you ready to make the necessary impression, or will nerves derail your success?

Learn to Live on the Edge of the Precipice

The question you want to ask yourself is, “how do I stretch myself without succumbing to the stress and nervousness?” The answer is to learn to live on the edge of the precipice so that the stress and nervousness are just another part of the experience, but not so predominant that they derail your success. Living on the edge of the precipice means that you continually put yourself in situations that challenge you, make you nervous, and cause you to develop muscle in this area. While this may not sound like a whole lot of fun right now, that’s the point. You’ll get so used to it that you’ll be able to focus on the fun of the new experience.

5 Easy Ways to Step into Your Power

1. Take on leadership roles. Chair a committee, take on a special project, organize an event. You’ll have to engage team members, run meetings, and keep the team organized. You may have to join a professional association, alumni group, or volunteer organization.

2. Seek out public speaking opportunities. Most people get nervous speaking in front of groups, and the only way to get used to the nerves is to practice.

3. Take on a stretch project at work. This has added benefit of raising your workplace profile and reinforces your reputation as a “doer.”

4. Start your own community-based project such as collecting toys for kids or toiletries for the homeless. As you engage with different members of the community, you will put yourself in new situations, likely in which you’ll have to think on your feet.

5. Get published. Are you dying to see your name in print? Start sharing your ideas, perspective, and insights in writing. You may have to start small, like blogging, but start to reach out to editors of publications you’re interested in.

If you want to read more about getting ahead in 2020, download my workbook 5 Steps to Create Your Brand. If you find this useful, please share with your colleagues and friends and let us know how what you’re doing to stretch your capacity for stress! Happy New Year!

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