Team Development

Build Trust and Collaborate to Solve Problems

5 Steps to Create Effective Teamwork

Arudia Collaborative Approach

The Arudia Collaborative Model is circular —  a wheel —  because creating effective teamwork and collaboration is not a “one-and-done” process. Thus, although each step builds on the last, a “flat” at any step not only frustrates subsequent steps, but erodes trust and therefore the ability to achieve success at any of the other steps.

Effective collaboration begins with trust. Trust must be present for team members to harness cognitive and other types of diversity because if a team’s members aren’t open to another’s different way of thinking, disagreeing with others and being “different” can be isolating. Team members must recognize that their differences make it possible for them to solve a wider range of problems with greater ease. These differences also naturally stimulate debate, which can be quite passionate. But with trust and understanding, the debate is about the issues and never about the person or personal and what appears to be a conflict from an outsider’s perspective, is actually the harnessing of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Creating collaboration requires superior communication skills at every step. Thus, The Arudia Win-Win Converstation and Arudia Coaching Skills  are essential tools in your Toolkit. 

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