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What’s On Your Tool Belt?

We all have access to the same tools. A person’s Type determines where the tools are located on the person’s Type Tool Belt. So the better question is: where are the tools on your Tool Belt? The four functions  – Sending, iNtuition, Thinking, and Feeling – are the tools. A person’s preferred tools are on the font of the Tool Belt, easy to get to and easy to use. Because they are easy to get to, the person is likely to both use the tools frequently and to develop skills with these tools.

Our non-preferred tools are on the back of the Tool Belt. They are less conscious and consequently harder to reach, and sometimes we forget they are there. We tend not to develop as much skill with these tools and many forget to use them, even when doing so would yield better results.

What does all this mean? It means that knowing one’s own Type is empowering. Knowing where one’s tools are means a person will likely have greater ability to discern when using a non-preferred tool will yield better results. And, knowing one’s Type helps the person minimize the risk that lack of awareness or skill with regard to a non-preference will derail success.


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