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The Secret to Being a Rock-Star Leader

Have you noticed how some leaders have an amazing rapport with and inspire loyalty from team members? Actually, it’s more than that: team members happily to go the extra mile all the time! And all you can think is, “how do I do that?”

Yes, You Can Inspire Loyalty and Dedication

To achieve your highest potential, to inspire loyalty and dedication, you need to be more “self-actualized.” This requires you to embrace your leadership style. What is your style? Are you an Achiever, Affirmer, or Asserter? What are your leadership shadows—your behaviors under stress—and how do you manage them?

You manage your shadows by becoming an “Actualized Leader,” that is, someone who more effectively elicits the willing collaboration of others by effectively managing his or her behavior under stress. Unchecked behavior under stress is a person’s “leadership shadow” and is sure way to sabotage your own leadership. Remember, the more effectively a leader manages this shadow, the less reactive and more resilient, and therefore, more self-actualized the leader is. And, the more willing team members happily follow.

Embrace and Improve Your Leadership Style

To improve your leadership style, you must first embrace it, including your shadows. This awareness is a critical step to becoming more self-actualized and in leading a team in which members are willing to go the extra mile for you! You also need to remember two key concepts:

  1. You have the freedom to choose your response, attitude, and approach to anyone or any situation; and
  2. The concept of paradoxical intent, which posits that the more you fear something, the more likely you are to experience it.

The latter concept is critical to understanding the connection between a leader’s unmitigated shadow to the leader’s experience of what he or she fears under stress. Each leadership style’s fear stems from the style’s motive driver, as set forth in the table below. The Achiever, for example, is motivated by achievement and fears failure. When stressed, the Achiever leads by doing it him or herself, micromanaging, and being tedious, cautious, perfectionist, critical, and narrow-minded, all but guaranteeing the team’s failure.

Leadership Styles

If you’re like most people, you’ve identified your leadership style and, like most, are chagrined by your shadow. Don’t be. Everyone has shadows; the key to living to your greatest potential—to self-actualization—is to manage your shadow so that you are more resilient and less reactive.

Interested in your confirming your leadership style, shadow, and the degree to which you are self-actualized? Take the Actualized Leader Profile short form at For more information about the unabridged version of the Actualized Leadership Profile, contact us. We’d be delighted to share it with you!

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