For the Leader in You

The Behavioral Health Trifecta: Serve Communities, Support Staff Resilience, and Secure Financial Stability

Hosted by Mental Health Corporations of America (MHCA)

With every crisis, there is an opportunity. The struggles brought about by social distancing, and fears about health and job security have strained us all. People are worried about their family, friends, and communities. This shift in thinking has served to lessen the stigma associated with behavioral health and increased the focus on wellness. Leaders, executives, and the everyday “Joe” are worried and looking for solutions. Therein lies the opportunity. 

Learn about opportunities existing outside the Medicaid box to provide wellness services and create additional revenue streams, which would lead to greater name recognition, partnerships, and ultimately a larger client base coming to you for all behavioral health needs. Staff will rebound with resilience, as they enjoy greater diversity in their work, and opportunities to provide a wider range of services to different populations:

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