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SynerGenius Consulting

Anne is amazingly insightful, getting right to the core of limiting beliefs and mismatches between who I am “wired” to be and what I was doing with my life. In a very short time, she provided me with clarity I haven’t found elsewhere, despite extensive experience with therapy, coaching, and self-help approaches. I am still actively exploring the resources Anne recommended, and really reflecting on how I see myself. I have such appreciation for how much freedom embracing my “T” has given me! The extra self-acceptance and better alignment between my personality and my life goals has been incredibly helpful and meaningful to me. Thanks, Anne!

Chanel Helgason, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist, Founder & Director, Synergenius
Toyota Motor

Simply stated, Anne is a masterful listener and a highly skilled executive coach. After completing an initial Myers Briggs assessment and related Work Styles and Communication reports, Anne and I worked closely together for six months.  Anne listened for what was important to me in the office and at home and she quickly identified both what was working well in my life and areas where I was clearly struggling.  In our bi-weekly coaching calls, and through my “homework assignments”, Anne provided me with insights and tools that made an immediate and profound transformational impact on my effectiveness as a leader of a team of over 150 professionals at Toyota Motor Sales, USA. Thanks Anne!

John Kennelly, Vice President, Accounting & Finance, Toyota Motor North America
Vox Global

Anne has been my executive coach since mid 2010-a show of support from my own boss. She helped me focus and navigate towards my personal goal to be a more effective manager. As an added bonus, her coaching brought me to my promotion in April 2011.

I recently invited Anne to provide my team with a day of training. She is an effective and non-judgmental coach who navigated us through some tough yet necessary conversations in implementing the core needs of the team. It really helped members of my team understand and depersonalize their differences, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

I have also attended a couple of group training sessions with Anne and I feel she brings out the most valuable and effective thoughts in each person. She engages all; her spirit is trusting and empathic and yet thought provoking enough to encourage “tilting your thoughts to explore other options”.

I encourage the use of her valuable resources either for personal or team oriented coaching. It is a priceless professional commitment that oddly permeates into your personal life.   After all who cannot learn to better navigate through life as a whole? 

Sherry Tajbaksh, Director, Vox Global
Verto Solutions

My interactions, at work and at home, are more successful and fulfilling every day because of my work with Anne Collier. Working with the right executive coach is human performance enhancement. Anne comes to every session prepared with insights and suggestions. Sometimes the suggestions are big and other times they are more subtle, but they always bring results. Working with the right coach should open your eyes to something new every session that’s what it’s like with Anne Collier.

John H. Cox, Esquire, Managing Director, Verto Solutions
Verto Solutions

Anne Collier is by far one of the most effective executive coaches.  She has an uncanny ability to assist her clients in identifying their goals and then developing step-by-step action plans that can be put in motion to accomplish the desired result.  I highly recommend Anne to anyone who wants to learn more about their personal or professional strengths and how to overcome challenges with ease.  If you want to explore and make personal or professional changes for the better, she is your organizational guru!  

Kelley Poole, Director of Government Relations, Verto Solutions
Commonweal Foundation

Anne has a really amazing intuitive sense about human nature and in an empathetic and neutral way helped me gain a better understanding of workplace communication. In her work with me, Anne struck an amazing balance between making me feel heard and pushing me out of my comfort zone to try new ways of communicating with my colleagues. In my position it is also important to work collaboratively with external staff, give non-judgmental feedback and elicit positive participation. I was amazed by the much more positive reactions I received from both internal and external staff, using these communications techniques.

Alex Cuadra, Program Manager, Commonweal Foundation
Vox Global

I love my chosen profession and my job, but wanted to push toward the next level of success. Anne has helped me identify and focus on my strengths, articulate what success would look like, and put the tactical plan into place to achieve success.  For more than five years, Anne has accompanied me on my career journey providing wise counsel and thoughtful strategies for managing the natural ups and downs of professional life. She is a true partner constantly encouraging me to experiment with new approaches to business development, people management, and personal growth.

Every conversation with Anne is like a mini-professional development session customized for me.  She has an incredible ability to quickly get to the heart of my professional challenge and then guide me in navigating a path forward.  She has introduced me to tools, resources and skills that have made me a stronger leader and a better coach for others. She’s been particularly valuable in helping me hone business development skills that are within my comfort zone. 

Ann Davison, Public Affairs Executive, Former Senior Vice President and Senior Partner, Vox Global
National Council for Behavioral Health

We’ve worked with Anne and Arudia since 2010. Our leaders have grown and our teams have gelled through her coaching and group work. She’s supported our executive team as well as departments within the National Council by giving us a better understanding of how to leverage our individual strengths and ensure that our blind spots don’t derail our work.  Learning the Win-Win Conversation and Coaching Skills has transformed our culture by giving us the tools to be more collaborative, more effective, and less stressed. Through individual coaching and retreats, she’s helped our leaders, our staff, and our culture.  She is creative, cares, and makes a tremendous difference.  We appreciate Anne’s commitment to presenting at our annual conference of 5000 providers; she’s always highly rated.

Linda Rosenberg, President & CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health
District of Columbia Office of Human Rights

The DC Office of Human Rights hired Anne Collier of Arudia Consulting to design and deliver a full-day retreat for our staff of 24 attorneys, support administrators, mediators, public affairs professionals, government managers, and human rights professionals.  Anne initiated their work with us by taking considerable time to interview several of our staff, ensuring their understanding of our unique HR context, and the areas we most wanted to explore.  They crafted a unique approach to our retreat, utilizing the MBTI tools in the most impactful way for our office.  Arudia’s professionalism, goal-oriented nature, and attentive approach to this work could not be overstated.  Staff at the retreat – even those who have been with the office for many years – remarked that they had never participated in such a successful off-site experience.

We have already implemented several of our learnings from our session with Anne, including taking more time to diagnose potential pitfalls in problem-solving communication, as they relate to individual types and temperaments.  We have proudly displayed our MBTI matrix in our break room, which has become the focus of many “water cooler conversations.”  Perhaps most importantly, we are thrilled to continue working with Arudia to help better our internal office communications and further develop the staffs’ leadership and management goals.  It is my absolute pleasure to endorse Anne Collier’s work, and am confident they will deliver for your office as they did for ours.

Jennifer Stoff, Deputy Director, District of Columbia Office of Human Rights
Viewpoint Health

It is such a joy and pleasure to work with Anne!  Her coaching techniques are solution-focused, and are truly a testament to the positive outcomes that are a result of using Win-Win and Coaching Skills.  I have used Anne’s Win-Win and Coaching Skills on many occasions, all of which have produced positive outcomes; however, one particular occasion stands out… As CFO of my organization, I was leading my finance team towards our annual financial audit.  During the year, I made several changes to the infrastructure to the department, growing and coaching team members to push beyond their capabilities and to grow into their leadership potential.  Naturally, there was some hesitancy among my team members towards pulling together into these “unknown waters”.  Using techniques and conversations from Anne’s Win-Win and Coaching Skills, I was able to motivate a group into succeeding as a solid team, which allowed us to receive the highest praises from our auditors.  I could not have hoped for a better outcome, and it is a true testament of how effective Win-Win and Coaching Skills really are!

Derek Singleton, Viewpoint Health
Toyota Motor

Simply stated, Anne is a masterful listener and a highly skilled executive coach. 

After completing an initial Myers Briggs assessment and related Work Styles and Communication reports, Anne and I worked closely together for six months.  Anne listened for what was important to me in the office and at home and she quickly identified both what was working well in my life and areas where I was clearly struggling.  In our bi-weekly coaching calls, and through my “homework assignments”, Anne provided me with insights and tools that made an immediate and profound transformational impact on my effectiveness as a leader of a team of over 150 professionals at Toyota Motor North America.  Thanks Anne!

John Kennelly, Vice President, Accounting & Finance, Toyota Motor North America
Toyota Motor

Anne is an inspirational coach who introduced me to tools that helped me better understand and leverage my strengths, as well as others on my team.  I particularly appreciate the Win-Win Conversation that can be used to find common goals in getting things done collaboratively when working with cross-functional teams.  But most of all, I enjoy her practical and creative suggestions on how I can better manage my blind spots to help me grow personally and professionally.

Monica DiSandro, National Manager -- Automotive Accounting, Toyota Motor Sales

There is no shortage of management consultants and executive coaches who talk a good game and promise the world, but Anne Collier and Cynthia Shaffer deliver real meaningful results. Over the past two months, they have helped me to understand how my colleagues and I approach change. This insight into how different people approach change has helped me avoid frustration and conflict when solving challenges.

I also learned how to “Amp Up Performance” by using a win-win approach. The premise of asking versus telling was difficult for me to trust at first. My initial reaction – this won’t work with poorly performing employees, if they don’t want to change. I am happy to share that my experience implementing Arudia’s methods quickly proved me wrong.

In one case, I think the “would you be willing” question caused a poorly performing employee to realize that she did not want to change or do her part to succeed. That person chose to leave. In an odd way, I think facing that question was eye opening for her. She had to decide if she was committed to developing a solution.

In other cases, I think phrasing requests as a question caused the employee to own their obligation to contribute to the solution. It opened up dialogue about potential obstacles, including some that I did not foresee. I know that this dialogue resulted in clearer expectations (for both me and my colleague), better results, and less missteps along the way.

Anne’s method of coaching is fun and challenging. While I started the day skeptically, I left inspired to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. I can’t speak highly enough of Anne Collier, Cynthia Shaffer and Arudia.

Scott T. Gibson, MGA, Vice President of Human Resources, Melwood
Community Health Resources

…I really enjoyed and valued the work we did together. It was enormously helpful to me as I transitioned into my leadership role at CHR.

Maureen McGuire, Vice President, Business Development & Communications, Community Health Resources
Community Health Resources

I first met Anne Collier while participating in the National Council for Behavioral Health Care’s Leadership Program.  Anne provided both training and executive coaching for the group.  Anne is a highly dynamic and energetic trainer who is exceptionally well versed in the area of leadership development.  She does an excellent job integrating real life examples with evidenced based information. Anne’s executive coaching is highly individualized and responsive to the needs of the person she is coaching.  I was so impressed by Anne’s skills and approach to leadership development that I asked her to provide leadership training and coaching for CHR managers and our executive team.  We developed a program to on-board new managers and support them as they integrate into our organization.  We also offer executive coaching to our Executive Team to help them be successful in their positions.  I love Anne’s approach to the work which is very flexible and tailored to our needs.  I never feel that I am getting a “package” but rather an approach that works for us.  I look forward to our continued work together.

Heather Gates, President & CEO, Community Health Resources
Women in Government Relations

Our organization was looking for a professional coach to facilitate a leadership training program for women in government relations. Anne knocked our socks off from start to finish. Her knowledge, energy and passion for what she does is contagious. Her recent presentation on personal branding was very well received by our members and kept them asking for more. Anne is a skilled professional who oozes passion for her craft and her clients. We are looking forward to a continued partnership!

Emily Bardach, Executive Director, Women in Government Relations
Women in Government Relations

I have to tell you now that the event last week was honestly the best WGR event I’ve attended in 3 years.  From a professional development standpoint, the exercise Anne walked through was fantastic, the comments she shared and feedback to each group was instrumentally helpful, and the motivation and training she showcased was exceptional.  More importantly, she challenged a group of type-A women to think about something other than everyone else, and focus on ourselves.  If WGR will be offering more events like the one with Anne as the speaker, I will definitely be attending!

Member, Women in Government Relations
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

Arudia has been an indispensable partner in navigating the vagaries of modern law firm management. Anne is a trusted advisor and wise counsel when it matters most.

Bryan Tramont, Managing Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
National Council for Behavioral Health

Anne has really made a difference in our organization. We’ve had tremendous growth (doubling the number of staff) during the past few years and Anne has made huge contributions to how we work as a team and in improving our relationships across the organization. Her approach to learning how to deal with difficult conversations really works.

Jeannie Campbell, Executive Vice President and COO, National Council for Behavioral Health

“The type work we’ve done with the Arudia team has made such a difference in the way we understand, relate to and collaborate with our colleagues and clients. We think of them as our “secret weapons” that give us insight most communications practitioners don’t take the time to consider.”

Carey Tarbell, Managing Director & Senior Partner, Vox Global
Gateway Behavioral Health Services

Arudia hit it “out of the park with the bases loaded”. A grand slam home run, Arudia transformed how our managers and supervisors are functioning – with lasting results.

Working with Arudia is a pleasure. They are highly responsive, flexible and collaborative – tailoring the consultation to meet Gateway’s needs. Arudia proactively explored those throughout the year as the needs changed within our leadership team.

Mark C. Johnson, MD, CEO, Gateway Behavioral Health Services

If you want to be challenged and learn new things about yourself and the world beyond that you can apply to your professional and personal relationships, you won’t want to miss Anne Collier.  Her energetic and dynamic style, ability to engage personalities of all types, quick wit and intelligence along with an upbeat cadence, smile and sincere interest in each add up to a winning package.  Anne’s content is well researched, evidence-based and on target.  Not only has Anne presented to my board and membership at our annual conferences, but she was the one I chose hands down to coach me to make my strong leadership even more effective.  Prior to engaging Anne in these multiple capacities, I researched the field and Anne stood out in the crowd.

Debrah Wentz, PhD, Executive Director The New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

Understanding one’s self…what makes us tick, think, act, react…is a key component to being a successful leader! It is also important to understand what our own definition is for being a successful leader! Anne recently presented to our board members, senior leadership and clinicians at our annual conference. NO boring slidedeck…NO reading the slides as if their knowledge only comes from bullet points! Anne’s engaging presentations got us all to talk, share our own hang-ups, and recognize our SHADOWS! Georgia’s public safety net leadership for behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disabilities is now more equipped than ever to carry our mission forward thanks to the passion, compassion and expertise of Anne … my new friend!

Robyn Garrett, VP, Government & Public Affairs, Strategic Healthcare Partners (SHP) and Executive Director, Georgia Association of Community Service Boards (GACSB)

A recent client . . .

One word, equanimity. You’ve been invaluable Anne…probably saved me in many instances.

Thank you.

SG (May 15, 2020)

A recent client . . .
You helped me have a conversation that I would normally run from.

MB (May 13, 2020)

You really saved me from myself and I am ever so grateful. You are an amazingly talented woman with an extremely valuable skill set. I truly value everything you taught me about myself and how to get out of own way. I couldn’t have done it without you.

NZ (May 18, 2020)

A recent client . . .

My Board tells me that as a result of your coaching I am more confident and a better CEO; the investment has been an investment in me and the organization.

Thank you, Anne!

TA (May 15, 2020)

Sydney Blair, CEO, Center for Mental Health . . .

Anne has provided numerous elements of facilitation and training with the Center for Mental Health.  Her presence is that of professionalism, knowledge and expertise.  Immediately, she captivated our management group with style and charisma, and thus began a series of training engagements with our organization.  I hadn’t realized the amassed impact of the work of our consultants until a former employee who returned to the agency commented on the energy and culturally changes that has occurred in a relatively short period of time.  We shifted from a mindset of having to do it alone, to one of network, partnership and community support.  Anne’s coaching was transformative in identifying our opportunities for growth, how to effectively evaluate and build on our resources and develop a successful implementation plan.   Management identified more than $700,000 in potential growth by building on what we already do in addition to more than $1.3 million in expansion in other program service areas.  Anne’s targeted focus on growth and expansion was essential for unhinging agency drift and stagnation.  The collective process catapulted our leadership in developing a new paradigm for organizational expansion, personal accountability and galvanized leadership alignment.

February, 2020

For the last two years, Anne Collier has generously taken her time to come into the BCC Leadership class, as an expert speaker and community leader, in order to develop the students’ skills. Anne shared her insights into 360° communication, Personality Type, self-management, and best practices for dealing with conflicts. During Anne’s presentation, students learned about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and expanded their vocabulary in order to be able to speak more effectively about needs, expectations, and conflict styles. Students completed exercises designed to deepen their understanding of classmates and people with whom they want to work more effectively.

Working with Anne has had an incredible impact on the students as they work on their projects. The online workshop, Win-Win Conversations, gave students the framework for better self-management through greater self-awareness. As well, students gained an understanding of their Type that will help them far beyond their classroom work. These insights will help them in high school, college, and eventually as the next generation of leaders. 

Claudia Frank

Anne was amazing – I looked forward to our calls and they were always productive and she provides great insight!  She absolutely helped me to take a different perspective and more positive approach to dealing with board frustrations.  I really learned a lot about myself and enjoyed the introspective approach…and have been able to apply to all aspects of my life.  Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Anne – she is a great coach.

Alex Longacre

I am currently working with Anne Collier in both an executive and team coaching capacity.  She is WONDERFUL.  Today she took our entire HR team out to a farm in VA for an all-day training session with horses, “The Equine Experience.”  The exercises were designed to reinforce what we recently learned about our MBTI types, as well as the overall team type.  It was fascinating, engaging, and very educational.  And fun.

Anne has also coached a couple of our associates.  We received outstanding feedback about her and her methods and skill.  One of our associates recently received an outstanding annual review.  Her supervising attorney credits the work she did with Anne and says that she (the associate) is like a whole new lawyer.

I can’t tell you enough about how much Anne has helped me and my relationship with my own team. I highly recommend her and promise you will be very pleased.

Kathleen Dunn, Professional Development Director, DC-Based Law Firm

It would be too easy to just say I was stuck. As a trainer I found that when the economy turned, my highly successful business did as well. After a year of incredible frustration, lack of income trying anything and everything and getting no traction, I was literally at wits end. Then I was introduced to Anne Collier. Admitting desperation and with a considerable lack of faith, I entered into executive coaching. Today I can kick myself for having waited so long. Anne’s insight, intelligence, enthusiasm, originality of ideas and ability to get me to look at things in a different way, were nothing less than inspirational. So was the change in the direction of my business.

Jerry Michaels, President of JAM Communication Skills, Inc.

I never expected I would get much out of coaching. I was obviously wrong.

I’ve become a more engaged listener and the words I speak with my colleagues have become more carefully chosen. I was surprised how quickly most of my ‘new’ engagements with people generated better results.

Thanks Anne for coming into our organization and getting people to communicate more effectively with each other.

Cathy Cook, Director of Communications, Washington, D.C.

Anne is excellent at helping her clients identify places where they would like to perform at a higher level and then working with them to achieve higher performance. I am confident in recommending her to anyone looking to elevate his performance.

Ben Dupuy, Partner in Government Relations Firm, Washington, D.C.

Anne Collier is an amazingly astute counselor. Through Anne’s help and guidance, I have become much more tactful about my style of communicating with individuals both inside and outside of the office. My presentations to audiences are more succinct and to a great extent more captivating than they were prior to working with Anne. For anyone who is interested in becoming a less controversial, “non-violent” professional, Anne Collier is the best there is at conveying the way to get there.

MJ Marshall, Director of Government Relations, Washington, D.C.

The Workplace Toolkit training by Anne Collier was a major success at the GGzE in August 2016. Anne is a professional trainer with profound knowledge on how people can step into their power. Her use of MBTI in order to clarify interaction and to prevent future miscommunications is remarkable. Our training group consisted of clients, psychologists, psychiatrists, managers and directors who practiced together in a successful way. The training was highly evaluated by all participants. It is a pleasure to work with Anne. She is energetic, positive, culturally sensitive, approachable and eloquent. I would recommend the training to everyone who wants to improve their communication skills.

Roelof Kleppe, psychiatrist, Medical Director GGzE, The Netherlands

After bouncing from job to job in my chosen profession for about a decade, never finding the right fit, and thinking the problem was me, a friend suggested I meet with Anne (Collier). I was leery at first that a professional management coach could help add value to what had been a fruitless and long search. But I trusted my friend who had achieved great success with Anne as trusted guide and adviser.

Connecting with Anne was easy. Finding common ground was more than just small talk. Hearing her create a working vision from that conversation, on the spot no less, clenched it. I was “sold”. Even though Anne had never made sales pitch.

It started a lot like therapy. Probing, maybe even slightly uncomfortable, questions and exercises carefully designed to assess me as a client, my professional capabilities and my professional goals. In the end, the “process” was fun, eye-opening and mind-expanding.

Once I had a clear vision of me as a brand, and what was really driving me as a professional, the proverbial light went on in my head. I was able to laser in on the right job, in the right city with the right culture for me to thrive. I quite literally chose my current job. Sure I went through an in-depth and highly competitive selection process, but, thanks to Anne, I confidently distinguished myself from the competition and got the job.

Mark Riordan, Executive Communications and Public Relations Affairs Professional

I am a communications professional whom made a very recent career pivot with the help of Arudia and Anne Collier’s career consulting. Before contacting Arudia six months ago, I felt like my career trajectory was meandering aimlessly. I was three years out of college with a bachelor’s degree and three subsequent years of work experience in a variety of unrelated fields. I saw my peer group rising through the ranks of their respective companies whom they had been with since graduation and began to think I had missed the mark.

Anne helped me to realize that it was never to late to find my niche and to infiltrate the field that I belonged in. When I described my resume as convoluted and lacking focus, Anne described it as rounded and experienced. She pointed out the positives in my past work experience such as working abroad, gaining bilingual skills, interfacing with a wide swath of clientele, and the like. and helped me to package those in a way that made me appealing and marketable as a potential employee. 

Through the Arudia strengths-based process, I was able to hone in on what differentiated me from other candidates. Anne suggested that I recall experiences in my past work that illustrated and substantiated my strengths. It was then that I began to feel very empowered. I could see my potential value to an organization’s growth. The discovery of my marketability and unique work history allowed me to not only think in those terms but also speak and act. I now had the conception of a self brand and the narrative to market myself. 

Most of all though, Arudia’s career consulting helped me find my niche market and enter it. By cross analyzing my experience, strengths, and goals I was able to clearly envision my career’s trajectory. I was confident that I wanted to reenter the Public Relations field and I did. After a month of consultations with Arudia, I began to interview with firms. The self branding expertise I gained from Anne’s consultations was super effective in the interview process. Marketing myself in these instances felt very organic and came as second nature since I had internalized all of self branding strategy Arudia had assisted me in constructing.

I have now positioned myself in the field I definitely want to grow in. I am starting from entry level, but am completely confident in my ambitions. I can see my strengths coming into play in the workplace every single day and continue to utilize Arudia’s branding techniques for it is integral to keep marketing myself and evolving my self brand. I am very grateful to be where I am currently at and would recommend Anne Collier and Arudia’s career coaching and consulting to not just those whom relate to my story, but any career focused professional who wishes to remain an asset in today’s constantly fluctuating job market.  

Drew B., Communications Professional

I’ve worked with Anne in various capacities over the past 4 years because she delivers great results when it comes to culture, collaboration, and communication. In addition, to smart, insightful, and kind executive coaching, she’s supported me in developing the various teams I’ve lead at the mHealthAlliance, HealthEnabled, and the Personal Connected Health Alliance. Her work with me and my teams has been transformative and moved us to a more coordinated, collegiate, and productive experience.  While she does all the “right things” to engage an audience – and her workshops are fun – what is most important and most affects results is that she truly cares about everyone’s experience both from an individual growth and a team building perspective.

Patricia Mecheal, PhD MHS, Principal and Policy Lead, Health Enabled