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Why the Most Successful Teams Don’t Wait Until a Foggy Night to Recognize Their Red-Nosed Reindeer

Have you ever wondered why some teams just rock? It’s not just that they have fun, but they surmount every problem with a sense of ease and excitement. And everyone is a valued member of the team. And, face it, you’re envious.

You Too Can Have a Team That Rocks

Imagine this: Your team gets results. Awesome results. Team members don’t fight or worse yet, act passively aggressive towards each other. Instead, they go to each other for help, are engaged in staff meetings, and set ego aside. Sound impossible? It’s not!

The Answer?  Tapping Into Each of Your Rudolph’s Strengths! 

Now think about Santa’s experience with Rudolph.  The other reindeer weren’t very nice to Rudolph – they excluded and even ostracized him.  That was until they needed poor Rudolph!

That’s right, it wasn’t until that foggy night almost derailed the team’s Christmas mission did Santa ask Rudolph to use the very strength the reindeer had mocked him for.  If you’re lucky, this sounds familiar because it means your team figured out how to use a diverse team member’s superpower.  But why wait until a crisis?  That’s usually too late.  Think about all the great results and fun you could be having!

The key is to leverage everyone’s best thinking all of the time.  Simple, but not always easy and here’s how:

  1. Embrace and Include. You have to embrace cognitive diversity and, in fact, all types of diversity. Not only is it ok, but it’s an advantage to have people on your team who are different. They think differently, they act differently, they may even dress differently. It’s all good. They may even have a red nose like Rudolph! It doesn’t matter, the point is you want to include team members with different approaches in the problem-solving process to get the benefit of their different perspectives.
  2. Be Curious. Be curious enough to take the time to listen to each team members’ ideas and concerns.  Target your questions to foster each team member’s creative thinking. Check out these posts to supercharge your results!
  3. Repeat.

If you want to read more about leveraging team members’ strengths, download my article Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your Work, published by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today. If you find this useful please share with your colleagues and friends and let us know how what your team does to get great results! Happy Holidays!!


Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your Work

Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your Work

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