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Embracing Accountability – Accountability is a key component to any success. When we accept accountability we put ourselves in a position where we can make a change, whereas when we look to blame it constrains us.

Myers Briggs Type and Cognitive Diversity – Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in with a group of people? Have you thought about what’s going on?

6 Steps to Improving Culture – You want to improve the culture in your workplace, but how do you make it happen? The first step you must take is to choose a culture-improvement initiative.

Transforming Prospects into Clients – Do you ever wonder how to transform prospects into clients? In this video, Anne Collier covers 5 proven strategies for winning over clients.

Networking Success – Have you ever thought about how challenging it can be to go to a networking event and actually get something out of it? To actually network? Anne Collier is here to share with you 3 easy steps to transform networking stress into networking success.

Establishing Your Brand Message – In order to attract your ideal clients, you need to create a messaging pyramid to communicate your authentic self. Anne Collier covers the process step by step in order to help you walk away with the ability to establish the right mindset and identify your why. Both will help you connect with people who want your solutions for the reasons you do what you do.

Win-Win Step One – The Win-Win model and corresponding mindset are both key to engaging team members as well as harnessing conflict. The success of a win-win conversation lies in the focus on meeting the needs of all participants, and approaching problems with an open mind. Step 1 goes into detail about how to observe situations and be able to relay information neutrally and without judgement.

Win-Win Mindset

Distinguishing Strategy from Need – Check out this tip to learn to create a Win Win Conversation and distinguish strategy from need!