Profiling & Tools

Helping you to get the best from your team

We utilize a number of profiling tools to help you understand yourself and your colleagues. Each tool offers a unique perspective and leads to insights that can transform that way you lead, manage, and collaborate.

Actualized Leader Profile (ALP)

Supercharge your leadership skills to become a better, more adaptive, and more resilient leader by transforming the way you think. Work with Anne to upgrade your personal operating system and galvanize your team around purpose and results. Utilize the ALP to harness your nine leadership attributes to become the leader you aspire to be. Learn how to best modify your approach to improve culture, wellbeing, and results. The Group Culture Profile and Actualized Leader 360 are included in this suite of tools.

Clients love the ALP because it provides a concrete path to improving their own and their team’s leadership style, wellbeing, and results.

Problem-Solving Style (KAI)

Everyone has a preferred way of going about doing things. Learn how this preference impacts your thinking and problem-solving skills by leveraging Kirton’s Adaption Innovation Inventory (KAI). Through the KAI you will gain insight into whether your style is more or less structured and how this style can work best for you and your team.

Clients love the KAI because it helps them understand differences in workstyle, disconnects with clients and colleagues, which leads to strategies for optimizing differences.

MBTI and TypeCoach

Learn invaluable insight into yourself or team, by utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Type Coach. Through 16 distinct types based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Type, you will learn to recognize your true preferences and how to utilize them to achieve your goals.

Clients love the MBTI and TypeCoach because it helps them understand differences in cognitive function, stress, and how to adjust one’s approach to colleagues. The online tools provided by TypeCoach are outstanding and easy to use on a self-guided basis.

360 Degree Assessments

Anne is certified to administer the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks Suite of 360 Degree assessments, the Actualized Leader 360, and MHS’s 360 Degree Assessment. 360s provide you with anonymous feedback from colleagues so that you can grow as a leader.

Clients committed to being and doing better appreciate the concrete feedback provided by a 360.

Group Culture Profile

Measure your team’s culture or underlying emotionality (EQ) through the Group Culture Profile (GCP). This assessment is completed by your team members and will help you identify both the conscious and unconscious strengths and obstacles to your success.

Clients love the GCP because it helps them to pinpoint what isn’t working and why. Anonymous, the process provides a safe environment for discussing how to best improve team performance.