The Arudia Coaching Skills

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Coaching Skills harnesses the power of the question to lead, collaborate, and devise solutions. Leaders and team members with Coaching Skills are able to create and hold an ambitious vision for team members in such a manner that others are able to discover, believe, and commit to the vision.  Such discovery is essential to being engaged, inspired, and excited about one’s work. The model 5 Steps to Coach in the Workplace sets forth the simple coaching process that yields powerful results

Leaders who use Coaching Skills along with the old-style “command and control” approach, increase engagement and trust, solve problems more readily, reduce friction, and enhance productivity and commitment. A culture of coaching improves the capacity of a leader, team, and organization to build and sustain effective relationships and powerfully develop accountability, trust, and commitment. Using Coaching Skills drives innovation, improves team performance, and creates clarity and engagement in a way that everyone appreciates.