With Social Distancing, Communication is Even More Critical. Learn in the Comfort and Safety of Home With Our Online Courses.

Intentional communication is what keeps everybody connected and productive. The Workplace Toolkit online courses are built on a solid foundation of recognized learning theory and incorporate the best of eLearning industry practices. Our curriculum offers self-paced online courses on communication and leadership that are available 24/7, an ideal fit for your busy life.

We make it simple, easy, and affordable to learn C-suite communication tools for leading and managing during extraordinary times. We can equip you with the skills you need to be more effective and less stressed while achieving your professional and personal goals, and supporting your team from afar.

Step Into Power with The Workplace Toolkit
Arudia Collaborative Approach model

With Our Workplace Toolkit Courses You Will Operate Better Under Stress, Actualizing Team Resilience and Results.

Participants will cultivate the ability to have both “pure” and “blended” coaching
conversations to achieve great results. You will see results such as:

An improved culture where
everyone is excited about
coming to work

Employees at all levels more
creatively and collaboratively
solve problems

Managers more confidently
and successfully address

The organization builds a
long leadership pipeline
and promotes from within

Leadership and management
communicate authentically
and treat staff with respect

Greater retention and fewer
complaints and unpleasant

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What Clients Say About Us

We’ve worked with Anne and Arudia since 2010. Our leaders have grown and our teams have gelled through her coaching and group work. She’s supported our executive team as well as departments within the National Council by giving us a better understanding of how to leverage our individual strengths and ensure that our blind spots don’t derail our work.  Learning the Win-Win Conversation and Coaching Skills has transformed our culture by giving us the tools to be more collaborative, more effective, and less stressed. Through individual coaching and retreats, she’s helped our leaders, our staff, and our culture.  She is creative, cares, and makes a tremendous difference.  We appreciate Anne’s commitment to presenting at our annual conference of 5000 providers; she’s always highly rated.

Linda Rosenberg, President & CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health

Anne is an inspirational coach who introduced me to tools that helped me better understand and leverage my strengths, as well as others on my team.  I particularly appreciate the Win-Win Conversation that can be used to find common goals in getting things done collaboratively when working with cross-functional teams.  But most of all, I enjoy her practical and creative suggestions on how I can better manage my blind spots to help me grow personally and professionally.

Monica DiSandro, National Manager -- Automotive Accounting, Toyota Motor Sales

The Workplace Toolkit Course

The tools in the Workplace Toolkit facilitate your success at every step of creating Effective Teamwork. In particular, because cognitive diversity is necessary to ensure great results in the shortest possible time and can pose the greatest challenge, tools such as the Win-Win Conversation and Coaching Skills are essential for achieving commitment and embracing accountability. Deliberate and intentional communication is what keeps the teamwork wheel rolling steadily forward.

Course I: Arudia Win-Win Conversation (6-8 weeks)

During each 10 to 20-minute lesson, you will learn how to lead, manage, and collaborate more effectively and with more ease without triggering defensiveness. You’ll master the “win-win” mindset, where the focus is on meeting all needs rather than on “getting my way” or being “right,” which will lead to more productive and satisfying conversations. You will be able to transform potentially difficult conversations into positive opportunities. You will achieve success by learning to better respond rather than react on auto-pilot.

The Arudia Coaching Model

Course II: Arudia Coaching Skills (6-8 weeks)

Through each 10 to 20-minute lesson, you will learn to foster more effective collaboration, buy-in, and problem-solving without triggering defensiveness. By following a five-step problem-solving process and asking open-ended questions at each step, you will discover how to elicit the colleague’s best thinking, even when it comes to fixing underperformance. You will cultivate the ability to have both “pure” and “blended” coaching conversations to achieve great results with direct reports, peers, and even your own manager.

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