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Life Is Stress-Free Under Your Christmas Tree

It’s the holiday season and for some of us it might be difficult to fit present-buying and tree-decorating routines into our busy schedules. If we add travel arrangements, greeting cards, and holiday food preparations, it might feel like we’ve put too much on our plates. This is the time when our subtle and tenacious little companion might start creeping up on us. Stress.

Stress is both our reaction to potentially threatening stimuli and an obstacle to meeting goals and finding satisfaction. But, aren’t we in charge of ourselves – our bodies and our minds? If so, is stress something we do to ourselves?

Focusing on the present moment is the key to replacing tension with clarity because it’s so easy to get stuck when you are stressed. Your thoughts and actions become obsessive and you feel you need a break. But let’s say you don’t have time for a true break.  The more effective, stress-relieving strategy may be to turn to something else on your to-do list (like organizing your desk) or, actually to take tasks off your to-do list.  Ask yourself, what do I need to do right now to enjoy the holidays? After all, isn’t being (relatively) rested and being in a good mood more important than getting everything done?

The bottom line is that you don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to do everything others are doing. Those around you would appreciate you more if you’re healthy, energized and focused. So just be yourself and enjoy your holidays!

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