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The challenge provided by COVID-19, whether it’s the stress of working from home or caring employee, family, and personal wellbeing, is unprecedented.  This is hard.

Now is NOT the time to work harder, it’s the time to upgrade your personal operating system so you are energized when you think of the upcoming challenges.

Now, let’s scale this.

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Upgraded and Virtual

COVID-19 has changed the way we are all providing service so for now we are not providing in-person programming. Notwithstanding these challenges, we are even more excited about our ability to improve your Culture, Collaboration, and Communication even while social distancing.

This is because our forced use of technology maximizes the value of your investment — an investment to achieve your greater income and financial stability. Our proposed structure transforms a fixed resource (your dollars and our time) into a somewhat inexhaustible resource, making it possible to achieve more with less.

Our programming is even more interactive, making it more empowering and inclusive.  We are excited!

Our Programming

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Examples of Our Programming

Our work with leadership and teams up-levels their “operating systems” (“OS”) so that they are able to see, create, and take advantage of big opportunities. Leaders and teams become more adaptive and self-actualized, meaning that they profoundly lead, transforming the fears surrounding the inevitable change into clarity of purpose, and catalyzing team members to embrace heretofore inconceivable opportunities for growth and innovation. We use the Actualized Leader Profile and Actualized Team Profile as the foundation for the metamorphose of your team into adaptive leaders. 

Once your team supercharges its leadership, it’s time to transform the organization.  We provide feedback based on team and community interviews, which lays the foundation for mining and generating opportunities in each community and then end with creating an opportunity timeline, including necessarily steps.   

In today’s world of uncertainty, you must supercharge your resilience to adapt to daily challenges of providing client service, living a fulfilling life, and ensuring financial success and security. You and your colleagues need to upgrade your personal “operating system” so that even during the chaos caused by COVID-19, you create your new “normal,” embrace innovation, and confront your own, colleagues,’ and clients’ (or patients’) fears with optimism, objectivity, and aplomb. This is on top of the pressures to deliver excellent work, on a timely basis, which make maintaining a healthy outlook difficult and positive self-leadership a must.

Participants will be able to:

  • Mitigate the effect of triggers by understanding “shadows,” (the distorted ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving under stress,) and reframe the catastrophized and “shadowed” story with metacognitive-level objectively;
  • Improve their ability to operate in the face of difficult circumstances, which improves team and organizational culture by reducing the number and severity of “shadow” experiences;
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook, thereby preventing burnout;
  • Improve the ability to operate better in the workplace by objectively understanding and recognizing the sources of stress, and reframe events such that the feeling of stress is either entirely avoided or minimized; and
  • Transform culture by reducing the severity and frequency of the bystander’s experience of “shadow” behavior.

This program utilizes the Actualized Leader Profile.

Participants learn to solve problems collaboratively, creatively, and in a manner that is more likely to engage others and ensure buy-in. By focusing on the underlying needs, rather than strategies, the Win-Win Conversation results in colleagues committing to decisions.

Participants learn to listen more effectively to other’s concerns, and are consequently, able to deal with defensiveness, among other challenges. Participants learn:

  • To use more neutral language;
  • How to communicate in a manner that encourages clear, results-focused communication; and
  • To encourage others to use these same skills as they respond. 

Successful collaboration requires leaders to effectively manage cognitive diversity, i.e., differences in problem-solving style, so that such diversity is an asset rather than a distraction.  The reason differences in problem-solving style can distract from collaboration is that people solve problems differently and often view such differences in a negative light, e.g., someone is “in a rut,” or “completely unrealistic,” depending on one’s style.  The unfortunate truth is that many mistake diverse cognitive styles for incompetence or lack of ability.  Thus, the ability to distinguish between styles is critical to transforming annoyance with differences into appreciation and the ability of the team to solve problems. 

This workshop focuses on increasing awareness and understanding and developing strategies to address the range of problem-solving styles that are present on your team.  The Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (“KAI”) creates the framework for understanding differences in styles.  The KAI puts creativity and problem-solving style on a continuum from more Adaptive to more Innovative, as shown to the right.   

Understanding differences in problem-solving style allows people:

  1. to be able to understand and identify different cognitive styles;
  2. to learn to leverage their own style and others’ styles;
  3. to learn to bridge to and cope with others’ styles as necessary; and
  4. to help those they manage to understand, leverage, and appreciate their own and others’ styles. 

Short, half and full-day formats are available

individual strengthsThe Actualized Leader Profile assesses each person’s leadership style as a blend of Achiever, Affirmer, and Asserter drives, explores shadow behaviors, and provides a score for each of the nine attributes of actualized leaders. The purpose of the ALP is to develop each team member’s leadership acumen, resilience, and ability to operate under stress; the nine attributes provides both the pathway to greater self-actualization, and the framework for getting oneself and others out of the “shadow.”

The Group Culture Profile measures the team’s collective emotionality and personality against the ideal, and will score the team on the five dimensions of team performance (trust, communication, conflict management, participation, and purpose).  The construct of the GCP (soon to be renamed the Actualized Team Profile), incorporates the leader’s and team members’ ALPs, and, for this reason pinpoints what each team can do to improve culture, team efficacy, and results.  Additionally, team will benefit from understanding the impact of their leadership style and other team dynamics in their other leadership roles.  

Thus far, 2020 has been a difficult year. The levels of unpredictability, instability, and ambiguity have uniquely stressed us. They seem more like a paradigm shift than the normal vagaries of life. As the “new normal” evolves, some of us feel out of our depth. We need Superpower Confidence to be able to deal with uncertainly with aplomb.

Superpower Confidence is knowing that you are resilient, that you have the ability to overcome difficulties, to push back when pushed, to intentionally adapt when necessary. It’s “anti-fragility.” It’s growing a callous instead of bleeding in the face of adversity. In this program you will learn the twelve techniques for developing and maintaining Superpower Confidence.