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Interview Like a Rock Star

Twenty nineteen is all about getting the job or promotion you want. You’ve identified one, two, or maybe even three jobs that would be a step up for you, that you are confident you can succeed at, if given the chance. But how do you get that chance?

Know How to Sell Yourself

You know you are ready for a particular new job or promotion. How do you convince those in charge of your future—the interviewer or your manager? You have to be able to promote your skills, strengths, knowledge, and perspective without sounding like an egotistical maniac. Can you do that now? If not, keep reading!

Three Steps to Delivering A Rock Star Interview

1. Develop Your Talking Points About You. Be ready with talking points about yourself. This is no different than preparing for any other meeting, other than you can’t refer to notes. For more information on how to create your talking points, click here. You’ll use these talking points to answer questions during the interview.

2. Be Ready with Questions. Don’t forget that the kind of questions you ask say a lot about you. Are you more interested in vacation and working at home than delivering results? If this is what you convey, don’t even bother to interview.

Tip: Those are questions for after you get the offer and perhaps even for after you have worked there for a few months and proven yourself. You will be most successful if you ask questions that show you are interested in finding a job that is a fit, in which you can contribute to getting results and the bottom line.

3. End With Confidence! This interview may be your only bite at the apple, so make the most of it! Just as the interview is wrapping up, be sure to ask, “Do you have any remaining questions about me or my qualifications for the position or my experience?” Or, if you are feeling particularly bold and the interviewer is bold and thus will appreciate you being likewise bold, ask, “Is there any doubt that I am the best candidate for this position?” Be prepared to address the interviewer’s response. Be authentic, make the questions yours, and if you can’t pull it off don’t ask the “doubt” question. Finally, if there isn’t a recruiter handling the process, be sure to ask what the process is and when they expect to make to make a decision.

 If you want some help in preparing for your interview, download my Questions To Ask While Being Interviewed below.

If you find this useful, please share with your colleagues and friends and let us know how what you have done to knock it out of the park during an interview!

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