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Webinar: Improve Your Resilience by Upgrading Your Personal Operating System

We know you are resilient. More resilient than most, in fact. However, the challenge provided by COVID-19, whether it’s the stress of working from home or caring for patient and personal wellbeing, is unprecedented. This is hard. Now is NOT the time to work harder; it’s the time to upgrade your personal operating system so you are energized when you think of the upcoming challenges.  

Join Anne Collier of Arudia for a compelling, on-demand webinar based on the principles of actualized and adaptive leadership. You will learn how to:

  • Tap into your own resilience when you need it the most; 
  • Mitigate the effect of stress by understanding “shadows” (the distorted ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving when under stress) and reframe the catastrophized and “shadowed” story objectively;
  • Improve your ability (and the ability of those around you) to operate in the face of difficult circumstances; and
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook, thereby preventing burnout.

Improve Your Resilience by Upgrading Your Personal Operating System!

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