Behavioral Health & Healthcare

Serving Those Who Serve Us

The pandemic has required everyone to tap into an inner strength and resilience. We are hard pressed to think of a group of people who work more tirelessly and selflessly to ensure the health and wellbeing of others.

Arudia is honored to continue its support of the people who work in behavioral health and healthcare through coaching, training, development, and strategic planning.

Support Your Frontline Managers by Fortifying Their Resilience and Building Their Skills

Your frontline managers are critical. They ensure that patient care is both effective and efficient. While we’re all teetering precariously close to burnout at times, your frontline staff are suffering the most. They are often conflicted as they balance their own and family needs with providing services to people who may not be taking the appropriate safety precautions. As your highest performers proceed as though failure is not an option, they are the most stressed.

Add to that the fact that front-line managers don’t always receive the managerial training they need. And now, with the stress of the pandemic, the cracks in their managerial-skills foundation are spreading as if hit by an earthquake.

Arudia is here to support staff with: 

  • Programming customized to address your organization’s challenges;
  • Individual and team coaching focused on services lines or roles;
  • Team development and culture change;
  • Leadership Development; 
  • Resilience and Wellbeing Development; and 
  • Learning Collaborative Management Academy, high-end leadership and management training for a fractional cost;

Don’t see what you need? Let’s talk about how to achieve your goals.

Leadership Team Not Quite Aligned?

You have great people on your leadership team. They are smart, knowledgeable, and committed. And yet, something could be better. Perhaps your team hasn’t gelled. Perhaps your team members lack candor. Perhaps your team members are stressed and teetering on burn out. Whether your team would benefit from:

  • Leadership and resilience development;
  • Amped up creativity and an appreciation of different problem-solving styles; or
  • Improved culture, collaboration, and communication, 

We’re here to help. Check out our workshops, or better yet, let’s talk about your challenges and how to best get your team to where you want it to be!

It’s Time to Position Yourself for Greater Success

Many strategic planning sessions don’t end in progress.  Add to that, the multi-year after-effects of the pandemic, and it’s time to lean into the change and uncertainty by rethinking your organization’s future.  And yes, we’ve been doing this remotely.  Check out:

We’re here to help you transform what you’re struggling with into an opportunity that energizes you.

Let’s do this!.