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Do You Rely on Head or Heart When Making Decisions?

Do You Rely on Head or Heart When Making Decisions

After you’ve taken in new information you judge it, meaning you analyze and make decisions about it. And, again, when it comes to judging, under Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Type you prefer either Thinking or Feeling: if you prefer Thinking, you’d rather make decisions based on objective standards; if you prefer Feeling, you’d rather decide based on subjective, values-based standards and take into account the impact on others.

As with the other sets of preferences under Type theory, we all use both Thinking and Feeling to judge information, but we’re hard-wired to prefer one to another.  Most successful teams have both Thinkers and Feelers who complement each other.

Everyone wants to make the “right decision.” For Thinkers, who prefer making decisions with their head, the “right decision” is based on weighing of all pros and cons and analyzing objective standards. For Feelers, who prefer making decisions with their heart, the “right decision” is right for the people affected and is consistent with the Feeler’s values.

Whether you rely on your heart or your head when you judge information, if you appreciate your colleagues’ preferences and differences, you’ll have someone you can rely on to see your blind spots and from whom you can learn. This is the perfect person for you to work with!

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