Create a Win-Win Conversation

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Course Overview

Learn to solve problems more creatively, in a manner more likely to meet the needs of all involved – from clients to colleagues, teenagers to toddlers. By focusing on the underlying
needs rather than strategies, and by engaging others, this course results in others committing to decisions, even if decisions fail to meet that person’s needs. The key is for everyone affected to have concerns heard,
understood, and prioritized as necessary.  

The critical elements here are to state facts in a neutral manner, to understand one’s own feelings and needs, those of others, and to distinguish the underlying need from the strategy to achieve it. 

Colleagues and leaders who use the Win-Win Conversation communicate more effectively because they focus on the goals first, strategies second. Exploring, reaching understanding and (hopefully) an agreement on the goals is a critical first
step in productive problem solving and negotiation of any kind. In addition, you will learn to use more neutral language, make requests in a manner that encourages clear, results-focused communication, and encourage others to use these same skills
as they respond. 

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