We are thrilled to invite you to our September 19 and September 22 complimentary leadership sessions. The programs are standalone, so we encourage you to come to one or both if you can spare the time.

Embrace and Supercharge Your Leadership Style

September 22, 2023 12 to 1 pm EDT/ 5 to 6 pm BST
If you want to confront challenges with more confidence and less stress, you’ve come to the right place. Discover how you can lead, manage, and collaborate with more equanimity and efficacy by using your knowledge of leadership style and the corresponding leadership shadow to face difficulties with a clear head. Want to get a jump on the program? Take the Actualized Leader Profile short form by clicking on this link: https://alpfree.com/arudia

Upgrade Critical Thinking Skills with Style

September 19, 2023
12 to 1 pm EDT/ 5 to 6 pm BST
If you are one of the many who want to improve your own and your team’s critical thinking skills, this program is for you. Learn about the range of cognitive styles through the framework provided by the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory. The program will explore different styles of generating ideas, implementing solutions, and whether a person embraces or changes the structure in place. The bonus? You’ll learn how coaching can move your team from seeming trapped in mediocrity to producing outstanding results.

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