360 Degree Assessments

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360-degree feedback assessment contribute to a person’s professional and personal development by providing insight and perspective from multiple sources on an anonymous basis. The person’s manager, peers, direct reports, and others such as clients will rate the person and the person will themself. The information is then presented anonymously and confidentially to the person rated.

Actualized Leader Profile 360

The ALP360° is a 30-item multi-rater assessment that provides feedback to the participant on both perceptions of leadership style (based on the ALP framework) and the four competencies of emotional intelligence (EQ): Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Social Management. This assessment is ideal for clients who understand the implications of their leadership style via the Actualized Leader and Group Culture Frameworks. 

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) 360-Degree Assessment Suite

The CCL Suite of 360 Assessment is based on data gathered from millions of leaders at thousands of organizations in hundreds of countries. CCL’s world-class leadership assessments set the industry standard for excellence.

The CCL 360-Degree Assessment Suite comprises 5 leading 360-degree feedback instruments, including:

  • Benchmarks® for Managers™
  • Benchmarks® by Design™
  • Benchmarks® for Executives™
  • Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™