It Starts With Mindset

Having the right mindset is key to creating the perfect Win-Win Conversation. It’s important to transition your mindset from good-bad, right-wrong (meaning win-lose) to win-win. It puts you in more of an open place for communicating and coming up with solutions that work for both you and your colleague.

Learn how to construct your win-win mindset in our new video!

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Why Self-Awareness Matters in the Workplace

Being Aware Of Your Own Needs in the Workplace

Being aware of what you need is crucial in your work environment and interaction with your coworkers and bosses! We all want executive presence, which means having an awareness of your own needs. If you don’t know what your needs are, you won’t be able to recognize when a particular strategy will meet your needs. In addition, most people confuse strategy with needs.

Check out our video, where we dissect how to understand what you really need.

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Unmet Needs – How Are They Affecting You?

Be Aware Of How Unmet Needs Make You Feel

Understanding how unmet needs may be affecting you is an important step in creating a Win-Win conversation. You may not always state your feelings in the workplace, but it’s important to be aware of your feelings so that you can deal with your own defensiveness and anger. It’s important that you aren’t blaming others for your unmet needs. After all, your unpleasant feelings are caused by unmet needs, not by another person’s actions or failure to do something.

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13 Strategies to Derail Defensiveness Before it Derails Your Conversation

You walk into a colleague’s office to discuss a project that didn’t go well.  Your colleague didn’t quite deliver and missed deadlines.  You want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, and your goal for the conversation is to identify strategies for ensuring it doesn’t.  But, as soon as open your mouth, you’re met with defensiveness.  Your colleague makes excuses about the failure of others that made him miss the deadlines, and you can’t get the conversation focused on resolving the performance issues. So what’s happening here?  What can you do? Continue Reading

Negotiate Your Way to Success

Do You Negotiate for Your Success?

Dealing with opposing counsel? Anticipating having to negotiate your salary or a promotion? How about asking for opportunities? It’s important to deal with these situations with aplomb. Whether you work at a law firm, the government, a non-profit, or in house, being able to negotiate on behalf of your client and yourself are critical to your success. Continue Reading