The Behavioral Health Trifecta: Serve Communities, Support Staff Resilience, and Secure Financial Stability

Hosted by Mental Health Corporations of America (MHCA)

With every crisis, there is an opportunity. The struggles brought about by social distancing, and fears about health and job security have strained us all. People are worried about their family, friends, and communities. This shift in thinking has served to lessen the stigma associated with behavioral health and increased the focus on wellness. Leaders, executives, and the everyday “Joe” are worried and looking for solutions. Therein lies the opportunity. 

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Women in eDiscovery Webinar: The Resilient Leader: Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | 1:00-2:30 PM ET

Provided by Women in eDiscovery and Arudia.

The pandemic and all of its attendant challenges require you to be a better, more adaptive, and more resilient leader. It’s what the times call for. You need to upgrade your personal operating system not by working harder, but by transforming the way you think. 

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Live Webinar July 23: Supercharge Your Resilience by Upgrading Your Personal Operating System

Provided by Arudia and Epiq

COVID-19 continues to test everyone’s efficacy and wellbeing. It creates different challenges, fears, and stress. Your success is determined by the degree to which you are resilient or reactive, and act in a manner that belies fears and stress. This is “self-actualization,” living to your highest potential because of an ability to operate well when faced with difficulties, able to choose not to succumb to fear. You are optimistic, resilient, effective, and solutions-oriented when faced with difficulties. Now is the time to upgrade your personal operating system so you are energized and confident when you consider upcoming challenges.   

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Webinar: Improve Your Resilience by Upgrading Your Personal Operating System

We know you are resilient. More resilient than most, in fact. However, the challenge provided by COVID-19, whether it’s the stress of working from home or caring for patient and personal wellbeing, is unprecedented. This is hard. Now is NOT the time to work harder; it’s the time to upgrade your personal operating system so you are energized when you think of the upcoming challenges.  

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