Women in eDiscovery Webinar: The Resilient Leader: Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | 1:00-2:30 PM ET

Provided by Women in eDiscovery and Arudia.

The pandemic and all of its attendant challenges require you to be a better, more adaptive, and more resilient leader. It’s what the times call for. You need to upgrade your personal operating system not by working harder, but by transforming the way you think. 

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Live Webinar July 23: Supercharge Your Resilience by Upgrading Your Personal Operating System

Provided by Arudia and Epiq

COVID-19 continues to test everyone’s efficacy and wellbeing. It creates different challenges, fears, and stress. Your success is determined by the degree to which you are resilient or reactive, and act in a manner that belies fears and stress. This is “self-actualization,” living to your highest potential because of an ability to operate well when faced with difficulties, able to choose not to succumb to fear. You are optimistic, resilient, effective, and solutions-oriented when faced with difficulties. Now is the time to upgrade your personal operating system so you are energized and confident when you consider upcoming challenges.   

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You Too Can Be Ready for Your Next BIG Opportunity!

Twenty twenty is going to be a big year. At least, you hope so. Whether it’s a promotion, new job, or other exciting opportunity, you want to be ready to successfully grab that brass ring — your brass ring — so that 2020 is, in fact, a great year for you. You don’t want to blow it, but are you ready to make the necessary impression, or will nerves derail your success?

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The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Natural Strengths

Are you tired of work feeling like a four-letter word? Everybody says that you’ll enjoy your work and be more successful if you maximize your strengths, but how do you do that? You have a job that seems to offer no opportunity at best, and feels dead-end at worst.

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How to Inspire Meeting Participants into Energetic Engagement

Are you tired of struggling to engage meeting participants? No one talks. Participants (using that term loosely, because of course there isn’t any participation!) look around whenever you ask for input. You are frustrated and tired of being the only one with ideas or even talking.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks While Making Friends

You know what you need to do, but your boss or someone else up the chain of command won’t make a decision. Either he or she doesn’t have time, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care. Whatever the reason is, this person is frustrating you and makes you think it’s time to polish your resume.

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From “Do-er” to Manager in Five Simple Steps

You are great at what you do! So great, in fact, that you’ve been promoted to manage your former peers (the subject of an upcoming blog post). There’s just one problem: You are overwhelmed because you are doing your old job in addition to managing others. And you are concerned because, if you’re being truly honest with yourself, you realize that you are the bottleneck and actually getting in the way. Where are those additional hours in the day?! How will you learn the necessary management skills?!
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