Are You Ready to Dramatically Uplevel Your Career?

Have you ever thought about chucking your job or career?  Is 2018 your year?!  I’ve been there – I jumped off the career cliff in 2002 and have been happily following my passion in the form of a career ever since.

Never Be At A Loss For What To Say

Do you go to events – internal or external – and struggle to get the conversation off to a great start?  Are you tired of answering the ubiquitous, “How are you doing?” with an even more ubiquitous (read boring) “busy,” “not much,” or “same old stuff?” Don’t squander the opportunity to make an impression!

Interview Like A Rock Star

Twenty eighteen is all about getting the job or promotion you want. You’ve identified one, two or maybe even three jobs that would be a step up for you or that you are confident you can succeed at, if given the chance.  But how do you get that chance?

5 Simple Steps to Defining Your Professional Brand

Everybody says you have to build a professional brand and reputation to succeed. But how do you distinguish yourself and be remembered when everyone else has the same goals? Add to that the fact that you’re busy, you want to network “the right way,” AND you need to get results for your efforts. You want to attract the right opportunities for you!

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Wow ‘Em With You!

Everybody says you need executive presence and a personal brand to advance and attract the best opportunities.  But how do you distinguish yourself and be remembered for the value you provide?  Isn’t doing a great job enough?  No! You need a personal brand.  Learn the five steps to create an authentic personal brand and techniques for ensuring that every interaction reinforces your brand so that you are known for the value you provide and the type of problem solver you are.  Ensure that every interaction leaves others not just recognizing your value, but appreciating and steering opportunities your way.

Attract Opportunities With Your Personal Brand

On March 7, 2016, Anne Collier will lead a branding session at the National Council for Behavioral Health Conference in Las Vegas. The participants will leave this session with the beginnings of a brand, elevator pitch, mission statement, point of difference, and messaging. They will gain the necessary tools to enhance their online presence, build their network, and attract more opportunities.

Become a Thought Leader and Get Published

If you’re a lawyer, you probably have already thought about the importance of increasing your professional network and visibility as well as impressing your target audience. You most likely strive for intellectual and professional growth and believe in making a difference. The good news is that you can address both of these challenges, and, consequently, advance your reputation, by establishing yourself as a thought leader. Continue Reading