Uber Confidence Is Simpler To Create Than You Think

Have you noticed how some people – some leaders – are uber-confident? Nothing seems to faze them and they always seem calm. They handle stressful situations with equanimity and never seem out of control. The question is: how do you step up your confidence to be like them?

The Secret to Being A Rock-Star Leader

Have you noticed how some leaders have an amazing rapport with their team members? Actually, it’s more than that: team members happily to go the extra mile all the time!  And all you can think is, “how do I do that?”

Never Struggle Again with Being Direct

Are you tired of struggling with how to be direct without being called a J-E-R-K? Or perhaps you don’t struggle, but you’ve been told you need to tone it down? Or, and this is quite possibly the worst for you, you don’t give feedback so that you can avoid the intense discomfort. Whichever applies to you, the bottom line is that all you want is to be able to communicate your message without drama, discord, or defensiveness.

Eliminate Bottlenecks While Making Friends

You know what you need to do, but your boss or someone else up the chain of command won’t make a decision. Either he or she doesn’t have time, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care. Whatever the reason is, this person is frustrating you and makes you think it’s time to polish your resume.

From “Do-er” to Manager in Five Simple Steps

You are great at what you do!  So great, in fact, that you’ve been promoted to manage your former peers (the subject of an upcoming blog post). There’s just one problem: You are overwhelmed because you are doing your old job in addition to managing others.  And, you are concerned because, if being truly honest with yourself, you realize that you are the bottleneck and actually getting in the way. Where are those additional hours in the day?!  How will you learn the necessary management skills?!

Managing Up Is Easier Than You Think

Is your manager a mystery? Are you frustrated because you never seem to make your manager happy? Does it seem as though you and your manager never see things the same way?

What’s Wrong With Him?

Maybe you are fed up with your colleague – he’s so rude!  Or maybe you’re tired of dealing with Mr. or Ms. Sensitive.  Either way, my bet is that you’re frustrated and wondering not just what’s wrong with your colleague, but what to do about it.

Are You Ready to Dramatically Uplevel Your Career?

Have you ever thought about chucking your job or career?  Is 2018 your year?!  I’ve been there – I jumped off the career cliff in 2002 and have been happily following my passion in the form of a career ever since.

Never Be At A Loss For What To Say

Do you go to events – internal or external – and struggle to get the conversation off to a great start?  Are you tired of answering the ubiquitous, “How are you doing?” with an even more ubiquitous (read boring) “busy,” “not much,” or “same old stuff?” Don’t squander the opportunity to make an impression!

Interview Like A Rock Star

Twenty eighteen is all about getting the job or promotion you want. You’ve identified one, two or maybe even three jobs that would be a step up for you or that you are confident you can succeed at, if given the chance.  But how do you get that chance?