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Attract the Best Opportunities for YOU!

Twenty eighteen is all about getting to the next level. It about taking getting and making the most of opportunities, whether it’s a promotion, new job, or other exciting opportunities.  The question is, how do you attract the best opportunities for you?

You Can Attract the Best Opportunities by Distinguishing Yourself and Being Remembered

You know you are capable, smart, and hard working.  Does everyone else know that too or do you sense that your work goes largely unnoticed?  Whether you think it’s the latter, that you’re in a dead-end job, or that your position doesn’t feel like a fit, you need a new opportunity.  And to do this you need to be able to talk about yourself, your strengths, and how you add value.  You also need to get out there and generate those opportunities!

Three Easy Steps to Generate New Opportunities

  1. Develop Your Talking Points. Be ready with talking points about yourself. This is no different than preparing for any other meeting, other than you can’t refer to notes.  For more information on how to create your talking points, i.e., your professional brand.
  2. Get Out There and Strategically Network! It’s no secret that you won’t likely attract opportunities by quietly plugging away at your desk. You need to get out there and meet people, using your talking points so they know how you can solve their problems.
    1. Internal Networking: Go to every lunch, happy hour, and information meeting you possibly can. This will keep you “in the know” and raise your profile in your organization. It’ll also brand you as someone who cares about the team and is a team player. You’ll have opportunities to meet people – especially those who are more senior – that you wouldn’t meet in a typical day.  Don’t forget to volunteer for committees and special projects.
    2. External Networking: This is where it gets really fun! Get involved in local and national professional organizations, community organizations, and any organization in which you have a high level of interest. Pick two or three – not ten or eleven – and get involved, don’t just join.  Volunteer for projects and planning events; it’s a great way to get know others, for them to get to know you, and for you to prove yourself as a doer and team player. And, if you are a little nervous as a networker, there’s nothing like having a defined role at an event to put you at ease.  For more about networking, click here.
  3. Follow Up With Value. An initial meeting is just that; it’s the beginning of the relationship. Get to know others, including their professional and personal interests. That way if you run across an article or event that might be of interest, you can share it with the person, reminding him or her that you are helpful, considerate, and that you care. Take notes on the person’s business card when convenient, it’ll help you remember the person’s interests.

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If you find this useful, please share with your colleagues and friends and let us know how what you’re doing to attract the best opportunities for you.

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