Your Members Need You Now More Than Ever

Associations and the services you provide are even more critical to your members than in years past. You can energize association staff and members as you reimagine what and how you serve them. As employers have made budgetary cuts, you are an even more essential source of information, professional development, and networking.

We’ve been working with associations for over two decades. We understand the value and challenges associations experience. Let us help you anticipate member needs, and develop the requisite positioning, programming, and services. Are your members clamoring for:

  • Leadership development for senior staff? Consider partnering with us to develop a comprehensive Executive Leadership Program.
  • Management training for frontline managers? Join our Leadership & Management Academy or work with us to offer your own.
  • A means of creating a culture of wellbeing and resilience? Let’s talk about scaled offerings so that your members actualize their full potential.

Engage, Energize, And Amp Up Your Board Members’ Efficiency And Experience

It’s an honor to be elected or selected for board service. It’s can also be stressful. You’re evaluated by leaders in your field. You may even be feeling a bit of the imposter syndrome – these leaders are your peers! Do you really belong here? Whatever else you are thinking, you know you have an opportunity to make a difference. Whether your board has been together for a while or has new members, Arudia’s Board Development Program will:

  • Actualize each person’s leadership acumen
  • Powerfully onboard new members so that they are contributing now
  • Amplify board members’ ability to collaborate, both by articulating support and by sharing dissenting views
  • Measure and master the board’s culture, identifying concrete steps to improve candor, trust, engagement, communication, conflict management, and alignment
  • Inspire fun and innovative thinking

Supercharge Your Executive Team With Development And Coaching

Whether you are new to your role, have new team members or want your team to uplevel performance, wellbeing, and culture, Arudia is here for you. Let us:

  • Develop and spark your executive team with resilience-based leadership training
  • Improve overall performance and reduce headaches by upgrading your managers’ resilience and managerial skills
  • Provide tools for enriching resilience and wellbeing to all staff
  • Individual Coaching for Board Members, CEOs, and Executive Team Members