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Arudia Learning Collaborative

Learning Collaborative Management Academy

Price: $575
Early-Bird Price: $535 until October 9, 2020

Fall Session: November 16 – 18, 2020
Winter Session February 1-3, 2021

Attend 3 Half-Day Sessions, 3.5 Hours/Day for 10.5 Hours of Training

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The Arudia Workplace Toolkit (On-Demand)

The Workplace Toolkit

Venture into the Workplace Toolkit

Price: FREE

Experience our programs before purchasing the full course! This course has preview lessons from Win-Win, Coaching Skills, and includes a link for determining your personality Type!

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The Arudia Win-Win Conversation Model

The Win-Win Conversation

Price: $97.00 (6-8 weeks)

During each 10 to 20-minute lesson, you will learn how to lead, manage, and collaborate more effectively and with more ease without triggering defensiveness. You’ll master the “win-win” mindset, where the focus is on meeting all needs rather than on “getting my way” or being “right,” which will lead to more productive and satisfying conversations. You will be able to transform potentially difficult conversations into positive opportunities. You will achieve success by learning to better respond rather than react on auto-pilot.

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The Arudia Coaching Model

Coaching Skills

Price: $97.00 (6-8 weeks)

Through each 10 to 20-minute lesson, you will learn to foster more effective collaboration, buy-in, and problem-solving without triggering defensiveness. By following a five-step problem-solving process and asking open-ended questions at each step, you will discover how to elicit the colleague’s best thinking, even when it comes to fixing underperformance. You will cultivate the ability to have both “pure” and “blended” coaching conversations to achieve great results with direct reports, peers, and even your own manager.

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The Written Workplace Toolkit

Actionable Approaches to People Problems
Price: $97.00

While we recommend using the virtual training, it can be helpful to have a hard copy to visualize the concepts. The written Workplace Toolkit provides a framework for understanding how to create effective collaboration. Replete with tips and team assessments, the workbook provides actionable approaches to fixing what’s not working. The hardcopy of the Workplace Toolkit includes the Arudia Collaboration Model, which establishes the framework for learning Win-Win and Coaching Skills. Remember: we all work on teams, even those of us who function independently have internal or external clients with whom we serve.

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Workplace Collaboration Kit

The Workplace Collaboration Kit

Amp Up Your Team’s Performance
Price: $27.00

If you have a large team, you might instead be interested in the Workplace Collaboration Kit, provides the learner with valuable reference tools in having Win-Win Conversations and using Coaching Skills. The kit contains durable versions of The Arudia Win-Win Conversation Model, The Arudia Coaching Model, and the Arudia Collaborative Language List. The Models each include descriptions and usage tips.

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