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5 Tips on Hiring the Right Person

There’s a lot of pressure in hiring the right person for your team. Deciding on a new employee based on a short interview and a few pieces of paper doesn’t always cut it. You need to know what to look out for. Seasoned HR professionals have done this countless of times, and we’ll be sharing some of their insights below. This article will provide five tips for leaders and managers going through the process of hiring the right person for their team.


A candidate’s experience is usually the first thing managers consider when looking to hire. Knowing their past roles helps in shaping the type of expertise they have, and how your organization can benefit from them. However, it’s important to note that experience is different from their skill set. Experience is an indicator of the challenges the candidate has faced, as well as the environments they’ve worked in, and how they fared in these circumstances.


Business News Daily sees the importance of looking into a candidate’s personality traits when hiring. It’s vital to know that your potential employee is reliable, and can adjust to various circumstances while still delivering results. How they talk and react in an interview will give you a good idea of their personality. You should be looking for candidates who have a vision and who expect more out of their work than just a paycheck. This proves that the individual will work hard at their job in order to achieve their personal goals.

Skill Set

Looking at a candidate’s skill set is essential, especially if the position is a highly-specialized one, such as an IT professional. For instance, making sure that your candidate is knowledgeable in coding languages used by your organization is necessary to lessen the cost of training. Skill set is a key factor since the job market is becoming increasingly oversaturated. Companies in many sectors, such as the tech industry, are now able to be highly selective in who they hire due to the increasing number of applicants. A good example of this is in the freelance sector. Getting hired in the highly competitive freelance tech sector means potential employees now have to be from the top 1%, according to tech freelance platform Yoss. Whether you’re hiring a freelancer or not, make sure you’re hiring from the cream of the crop. Including a checklist of required competencies in the job posting will help weed out unskilled individuals.


Managers often discount the significance of compatibility when hiring a new employee. Arudia states that it’s necessary to know the people in your team, and recognize their strengths and blind spots. Your new hire should be able to complement the current team members and effectively work with them in achieving the collective goal. In order for this to happen, Small Biz Trends recommends involving your team in the hiring process. This is so they can assess whether a candidate can easily be integrated into their work culture.


Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan speaking to Forbes notes that “the most important quality to look for in a new hire is comfort in their own skin, also known as confidence.” Hire someone who understands their value and knows what they bring to your organization. It is also recommended to find an employee who can challenge your decisions, and not blindly follow. This shouldn’t be seen as a challenge to your authority, but rather an employee who can help take the load off your shoulders and allow you to lead more effectively.

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