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Career Reboot – Turn A Career Crisis Into An Opportunity

Are you amidst a career crisis? Or, do you see one on the horizon? Do you need help turning a crisis into an opportunity? Check out our video to learn more about a free event hosted by The Spiggle Law Firm with Anne as a special guest!

Date: April 27

Time: 5:45 PM

Where: 1717 K Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20006

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When To Use Coaching

When can I use Coaching Skills?

Did you know that Coaching Skills can help you solve difficult challenges AND can help you run more effective meetings?  Take a look at our video to learn when and how to use Coaching Skills!

13 Strategies to Derail Defensiveness Before it Derails Your Conversation

13 Strategies to Derail Defensiveness Before it Derails Your Conversation

You walk into a colleague’s office to discuss a project that didn’t go well.  Your colleague didn’t quite deliver and missed deadlines.  You want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, and your goal for the conversation is to identify strategies for ensuring it doesn’t.  But, as soon as open your mouth, you’re met with defensiveness.  Your colleague makes excuses about the failure of others that made him miss the deadlines, and you can’t get the conversation focused on resolving the performance issues. So what’s happening here?  What can you do? Continue Reading

Providing Full Spectrum Legal Advice: Partnering in Both Business and the Law

Now more than ever, lawyers are called upon to provide full spectrum legal advice to clients.  Legal engagements often include advising clients on strategic business implications of their decisions in addition to providing legal solutions when assisting clients with complex and routine problems.  Join Anne in New York for NAWL’s Annual Meeting and explore how to combine being a savvy lawyer with being an effective communicator and trusted advisor.

Are you a Superboss?

Are You a Superboss?

Ironically, the success of a Superboss cannot be truly measured until after an employee cashes the last paycheck.

When I recruit top executives, I am looking for the leader who has other great talent eager to follow him or her into new ventures. Often this person has demonstrated the confidence to allow a former boss-employee relationship to morph into new arrangements such as partners/co-investors, customer/provider, or CEO/board director. Continue Reading