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The Workplace Toolkit. Actionable Approaches to People Problems

This valuable resource has teamwork/communication techniques and 160 tips for anyone who works with people. It is ideal for managers and other leaders who want to lead more confidently and powerfully, build effective teams and make the most of their teams' strengths. Do you want to deal with challengs confidently? This workbook provides actionable approaches to people problems. BUY

Win-Win Conversation, Online Workshop

When you strive to solve challenging problems, it can feel as though the collaboration could be smoother or that you are not achieving optimal results. We created this Win-Win workshop in response to clients' requests that we help them improve both intra- and inter-team working relationships. PACKAGES

Coaching Skills, Online Workshop

Ideal for everyone, coaching skills are leadership skills.  Using coaching skills fosters creative thinking while engaging and empowering colleagues. People who use coaching skills can inspire others and work with them in a manner than increases collaboration and trust, reduces friction, and enhances productivity and commitment. Ideal for anyone who wants actionable approaches to people problems, especially for leaders and managers who want to achieve the best results while building a collaborative culture and reducing unproductive friction. PACKAGES


13 Strategies to Derail Defensiveness Before it Derails Your Conversation

13 Strategies to Derail Defensiveness Before it Derails Your Conversation You walk into a colleague’s office to discuss a project that didn’t go well.  Your colleague didn’t quite deliver and missed deadlines.  You want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, MORE

Advantages of Checklists for Large Firms

By Jack Bostelman, a guest blogger Keith Mayfield, chairman of an AmLaw 100 firm, is reading about a free ABA webinar on May 26 called Checklists for Lawyers: Roadmaps for accuracy and completeness. This webinar features an M&A partner from Skadden MORE

Are you a Superboss?

By Alex Zakupowsky, a guest blogger Ironically, the success of a Superboss cannot be truly measured until after an employee cashes the last paycheck. When I recruit top executives, I am looking for the leader who has other great talent eager to follow MORE

Communicate with Presence and Intention

Get better results, reduce stress and become more successful in what's important to you, whether it's leading, collaborating, or getting to the next level. 




     Your team isn’t gelling.

     You’re tired of workplace drama. 

     Is leadership supposed to be this hard?

     You aren’t attracting the right opportunities.

     Your team members are smart, but not getting it.

     Your services rock, but almost no one is hiring you.

     How We Solve Them



Business Development

Building a Brand

Team Building



July 14, 2016

Providing Full Spectrum Legal Advice: Partnering in Both Business and the Law

Now more than ever, lawyers are called upon to provide full spectrum legal advice to clients.  Legal engagements often include advising clients on strategic business implications of their decisions in addition to providing legal solutions when assisting clients with complex and routine problems.  Join Anne in New York for NAWL's Annual Meeting and explore how to combine being a savvy lawyer with being an effective communicator and trusted advisor.


June 22, 2016 - June 24, 2016

Leadership for Our Future Investing in You

Anne Collier will deliver three retreats for a behavioral health organization's executive team and two leadership teams.  She will use the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (the "KAI"), which measure problem-solving style (not how well a person solves problems), to provide participants with a framework for understanding their own style as well as the problem-solving styles of colleagues.  She will also team them how to use the Win-Win Conversation and Coaching Skills to more effectively lead and collaborate.


June 16, 2016

In It To Win It!  Team Building At Its Best

On June 16, 2016, Anne Collier will lead an in-house legal team's retreat focused on improving communication and teamwork.  She will use the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (the "KAI"), which measure problem-solving style (not how well a person solves problems), to provide participants with a framework for understanding their own style as well as the problem-solving styles of colleagues.  Participants will learn how to "flex" their style more effectively to leverage each other's differences.


June 15, 2016

Mapping Identity, Culture, & Values

As part of a law firm's strategic planning process, Anne will deliver a program that reveals both individual's and the firm's values in order to lay the foundation for creating the future.  The partners will then break into groups to focus on developing goals, tasks, timelines, and resources needs for four strategic areas.


May 20, 2016

Greater Awareness for a Greater Team!

Anne Collier will lead executive team retreat on May 10 for a nonprofit.  The Executive Director wants her team members to have greater self-awareness and awareness of others so that they are more effective with colleagues and stakeholders. She’ll teach the team members about their Types and problem-solving styles as well as communication techniques such as how to have a Win-Win Conversation and Coaching Skills. And, they’ll gain practical experience through role-play exercises!  ‚Äč


May 3, 2016

Negotiate Your Way to Success

Dealing with difficult opposing counsel? Anticipating having to negotiate your salary or a promotion?  How about asking for opportunities? Join us as Attorney and Professional Certified Coach Anne Collier leads an interactive workshop featuring communication techniques for dealing with any difficult situation with aplomb. Replete with examples, tips, and secrets to success, you’ll hone your negotiating skills through practice and discussion. To learn more and register, click here!


April 25, 2016

Wow 'Em With You!

Everybody says you need executive presence and a personal brand to advance and attract the best opportunities.  But how do you distinguish yourself and be remembered for the value you provide?  Isn’t doing a great job enough?  No! You need a personal brand.  Learn the five steps to create an authentic personal brand and techniques for ensuring that every interaction reinforces your brand so that you are known for the value you provide and the type of problem solver you are.  Ensure that every interaction leaves others not just recognizing your value, but appreciating and steering opportunities your way.


April 20, 2016

Empowered to Create Your Own Path

Do you wonder what’s in store for you over the next five or ten years? Are you concerned that you’re not taking advantage of opportunities? Do you worry that if you do take advantage of professional opportunities that you put your personal life at risk? Have you defined what success looks like for you? From the perspective of both having “done it” and still doing it, Angela Styles, LaDawn Naegle, and Barbara Stettner – each an exceptional law-firm leader – share their stories, insights, lessons learned, and the choices made in forging their own paths to success and life. To register click here!


April 13, 2016

Seven Levels of Change: Advocates and Resisters.

Anne Collier will lead a session on the 7 levels of change at the NALP’s Annual Education Conference and Resource Center Exhibition in Boston, MA. In this very practical session, you will learn the seven levels of change, the corresponding fears and resistance, and what you can do to about it. Anne will also explore how to achieve the mindset shifts necessary to embrace change.



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